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Feb 1, 2010

Monday impulse purchase: MORE fabric

I know, I know, I just wrote below that I hate having a stash. But I had an hour to kill this morning so I hopped over to the ne-plus-ultra of fabric store dives, H&M, this one on 35th between 7th & 8th (there's another on 39th St).  Here's what I bought:

As usual, $2 a yard -- my limit these days, but you'd be surprised at what's out there at that price.

This one's a cotton knit for my Mom's robe.  I love that Good & Plenty palate.  Hope Mom doesn't mind that the stripes go horizontal!   Actually, I may play with that a bit and create some diamond shapes with the pattern, if I can.  (I saw an Adrian suit at the latest FIT show that gave me the idea.)

FEB 4 UPDATE : Mom doesn't like it (grrr.....).

The other fabric I bought is a very lightweight cotton plaid I'll use to make a shirt for Michael.  He really deserves it after playing photographer for all those Cathy shoots (not to mention living in the eye of a constant sewing storm).

You'll be seeing more of these down the line for sure.  Maybe even this week so stay tuned!


  1. My husband has started asking for photo credits in my blog posts with all the pictures I've had him take. I've resisted thus far because really, who else do people think are taking these pictures? ;) Maybe I should make another pair of pj pants for him to say thanks.

  2. Peter, I understand you've been sewing for a short time. How did you learn? Did you use books? Patterns? Advice from others? I wish you'd post a list of your favorite "How-to" sources. Love your blog! San Antonio Sue

  3. Amber, let's not go overboard. I think a pair of boxers should suffice.

  4. San Antonio Sue, thanks for suggesting a great topic for later this week: "How I learned -- and continue learning -- to sew." Check back Wednesday or Thursday.

  5. You and Cathy are SO LUCKY that you have Michael around to photograph you in your finery! As for me, I have to rely on my camera's delayed setting . . . I set the camera for a ten second delay, then run across the room and try to strike an attractive pose before the camera goes off! I usually have to repeat this process several times before I come up with a photograph that's acceptable for public viewing!

  6. AuntieAllyn, I've been there, believe me!

  7. On 35th b/w 7th and 8th? I stayed at the Comfort Inn right there this past August and never noticed that store! No big surprise, it being my first trip to NYC and all, but man... great prices!

  8. I love the striped fabric! I noticed that you thrift store shop... I love thrift stores and often buy items for buttons, buckles, etc... I'm glad you started a blog! Cheers!

    Kellie R at PR

  9. Rather Be Sewing - Lynne WFebruary 13, 2010 at 8:39 PM

    A house without a thrifted fabric stash is a sign of a wasted life. :)


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