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Feb 15, 2010

Glamour Girl Paper Dolls CONTEST RESULTS!

First, let me say how delighted I was with the enthusiastic participation of so many -- and on a holiday weekend no less.

What a trip down memory lane to hear about all the Barbies, Midges, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Cathys, Chrissys, and Tammys!  I've learned so much about each of you -- uncomfortable truths I'd rather not have been exposed to. 

Who knew the Pandora's Box I'd be opening by asking my readers to recollect their favorite dolls of yesteryear?  How could I have guessed that this innocent contest question would conjure up tales of girl-on-doll violence, repressed memories of child/toy power struggles, and even a few (suspected) past-life regressions?

Your tales of playtimes past, delusions of potential doll-dom in the present, and frightening fantasies of ME being a doll really affected me.  Tomorrow I'm having the locks changed.

I am confident that even those who won't be winning a prize today have already jump-started their own healing. Which brings me to the sad fact that while there can be only one actual winner, there are many, many losers.  So losers, let's talk about you first.

Space and time limitations force me to mention only a few losers by name, but rest assured, you all lost in your own special way.

The Wednesday Adams Citation is shared by Melody and Tina, whose respective tales of using their dollies' macabre alter egos to frighten neighborhood bullies and cast spells on three-and-a-half-foot tall playmates through voodoo was enough to keep me up at night. 

The Margaret O'Brien Not-a-Dry-Eye-in-the-House Citation goes to Lynne, whose story of receiving a Steiff stuffed Porcupine as a little girl from the father stationed in Germany she had yet to meet was both vivid and heartfelt.

The Most Coveted Doll by Peter Citation goes to Stash, whose Toni doll came with curlers AND a Toni home permanent.  It sounds like little Stash nearly combed that doll bald, but heck, I want a Toni doll.

As you all know, in the event the winner is unable to fulfill her duties as Giveaway Contest Winner, her role will be performed by the First Runner Up.

First Runner Up is brightfeather, who imagined me as a doll called Fashion Designer Peter, Ken's younger brother, who comes with a complete line of menswear, including vintage undies.  Brightfeather both fed my vanity and showed she's been paying attention to my recent sewing projects.

And the Winner of the Glamour Girl Paper Doll Giveaway Contest is.....


One of "P's" favorite dolls was Talking PJ Barbie, who came in an orange top and silver lame bell bottoms.  As "P" recounts: 'She didn't talk for long because I made the mistake of taking her in the bathtub with me. Oops."   For me, the image of a Talking Barbie submerged into a watery silence is thrilling.

But there's more.  "P" tells us:

"Years later, my daughter discovered my old Barbies and was only interested in old Ken doll with a flat top and painted-on hair.  What did she dress him in?  PJ's silver lame pants and Barbie's corduroy jacket with faux fur trim -- nothing else, ever! "

This near-obsessive descriptive detail combined with a dash of cross-dressing pushed "P" over the edge, right into the winner category!

"P" please email me your address and I will get your glamour girl paper dolls out to you ASAP.

As for the rest of you, you'll just have to try again next time.  And there WILL be a next time!

Seriously folks, thanks for all the wonderfully entertaining stories and enthusiasm.  They really made my weekend!


"P's" very own Ken doll, who still doesn't look a day over seventeen, wearing Barbie's pants.

Lynne's porcupine.


  1. Thank you so much! I am so excited! I will email my address. Maybe even a photo of cross-dressing Ken, if I can find him. Hey, I have that Chrissy doll on the far left, too!

  2. Drat! A computer crash put me out of the running, but...I loved my "Growing Up Skipper." Pull down her arm and--TA! DA!--instant puberty!! Her waist stretched and her tween bosoms popped out! Later on she was my prop for an adolescent development course I taught.
    BTW...I had twin Chrissy dolls myself. :-)

  3. I only found your blog a few days ago and I'm so pleased I did. You've brightened my morning ever since with a smile which can carry me through the day when I recollect something else you've said in your post of that day.

    I love how you've brought me to think back at my doll collection to the point where they all slept in my bed and there was no room for me, hence taking the floor.

    Thank you again for great posts.

  4. Thank you for mentioning my Toni. ;-)

    DD eventually became a Barbie girl but before she did, she took my childhood dolls for a swim in the back yard toddler pool...Alas, the doll hospital could not fix them. I go on Ebay once in awhile and look for a Toni from that era. I found out they came in different sizes depending on the year of manufacture. I think Ideal manufactured mine but don't remember now. But, if you REALLY, REALLY want one, you can find them. Also, Robert Tonner made a Toni doll a few years ago.

    I LOVE this blog.


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