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Feb 9, 2010

Look, Ma, I'm a pillowcase!

So close, so close....

Still needs a little work around the bedskirt -- I mean the buttonholes.

More updates later today.

We now return to "Petticoat Junction."


  1. I am not anonymous, I'm Harriet, just haven't been able to sucessfully open a Google account.

    Anyway, which of your eight machines do you use for buttonholes? Are you satisfied with them?

    Love the sheet shirt.

  2. Wow, the princess seams don't look odd at all, on the pattern envelope they seemed crazy but irl? Totally fine! How do you like them? And is there any advantage to them other than pure style?

  3. It is coming out wonderfully. BTW, I found in my patterns to be listed a couple you might like, a mens shirt that is a small, but it is oversized and has some neat seam lines and options for a casual shirt and a jumpsuit, that could be a good basis to start from. I am going to post them later today. Did you get your order from last week?

  4. ...and who says men don't look good in pastels?

  5. Did you go all "Tommy Bahama" and pattern match the placket to the shirt? Hoo ha, gettin' a migraine just thinking about it...


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