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Feb 19, 2010

Cousin Cathy's Makeover Challenge!

I was stunned by the overwhelming response to yesterday's post about looks, clearly an emotional topic for many.

What a surprise to discover how many of my followers are not celebrity stylists and vintage fashion trendsetters, but rather sleep-deprived Moms in search of a La-Z-Boy recliner or those, like me, wanting a look but not able to give themselves permission, or lacking the confidence to create one.

Visibly shaken by this finding, I called upon the one person in my life I knew could come to our collective aid: rising young New York model, Cathy Lane.

With tear-rimmed eyes, I read Cathy some of your cries for help comments.  You will never believe the response of this Mother-Teresa-in-Christian-Louboutins.  My identical cousin, bless her soul, has volunteered to come to our immediate aid!

Cathy has decided to offer, exclusively to readers of Male Pattern Boldness, Cousin Cathy's Makeover Challenge.  

Cautious by nature, I initially thought Cathy might roll this out slowly, starting solely with me. But I underestimated the size of Cathy's tremendous heart as well as her ambition.

She has decided to extend this challenge to all my readers -- now.

The rules of Cousin Cathy's Makeover Challenge are as follows:

Starting today, Friday, February 19 through Friday, February 26 at midnight EST, you are to create and document the look of your dreams.  Submit at least one Before and After photograph.  Any additional written information describing your process is also welcome.  This contest is open to all genders.

Your makeover should be represented by no more than two outfits, neither of which needs be your own handiwork. 

Entries will be reviewed by Cathy and the winners announced next weekend.  Winning photos of the most dramatic and successful makeovers will be posted here at Male Pattern Boldness with the permission of the contestant.

Updates on my own makeover will be provided throughout the coming week as Cathy roots through my closet, edits my wardrobe, takes me shopping, and helps me to create the look I always longed for.

Are you ready to toss the Mom Jeans and Live Your Dreams?*

To enter, leave a comment below and let's get started.

Submit your entries to  Please put the words "Cousin Cathy's Makeover Challenge" in the Subject header.

Are you in?

*While Cathy recognizes that this contest may inspire complete wardrobe and lifestyle changes, she shall not be held responsible for selection of new marital partner(s) and/or children.


  1. I don't know if I have time for look making in the upcoming week, but I am certainly going to try. I have sooooo many patterns that I bought thinking it would be my "look" but never got around to or got brave enough to go for it. Bravery commencing in!

  2. Fantastic, Brooke. And we're off....!

  3. Okay Peter, I'm in... but you have to promise to tell me if the "look" isn't working. I have at one time been infamously known for my big denim dress collection, don't let me regress!

  4. I didn't even comment yesterday, but your post haunted me all day. I'll have to go back are read the other comments. But one week? Are you kidding me? I don't have that much time or money for the therapy needed!!

    Just kidding of course, but I'm in, at least in spirit!

  5. Can't WAIT to see the contenders. And, of course, what Cathy says. Love that fashionista!

  6. Gotta love Cathy!!! I cannot wait to see the final outcome.

  7. You both are terribly awesome!

    Lol, I wish I'd waited to dye my hair until tonight!

    I can't wait to see what you, Cathy and others do! I hope I can muster the courage to participate!!

  8. This is either going to be a really awesome process, or something that's deeply disturbing and horrific, but sure, count me in!

  9. Peter,
    Sometimes I read your posts, shake my head and just look down at my keyboard and start laughing, thinking, "oh, Peter, Peter, Peter ..."

    Thanks for my first laugh of the day. It beats being depressed by my job hunt.

  10. This is a fantastic idea! I am looking forward to seeing the looks!

  11. Can I just say that Cathy has some great legs. I am envious.

    I am happy to sit on the sidelines and cheer the contestants. This is going to be great!

  12. I'll be watching happily as I wait for Butterick (they have the best size-wise plus-sized patterns) to go on sale the first week of March....

  13. Alas, since I'm still recuperating from my "faux knee" surgery, I can't toss my granny pants, mom jeans, etc. and go for a head to toe new look. I'll enjoy watching, though. Cathy's the perfect choice for the judge since she's such a fashion icon herself.

  14. How appropriately timed. For the past month I've been stalking style blogs trying to figure out my ideal "look". I think I'm ready to take the plunge, count me in!

  15. Oh, please send Cathy my way. I need a serious push to overcome inertia when it comes to working on my "look" and Cathy looks like she can kick some ass.

    I know the look I want, but to play along, I actually have to take a photo of myself in that look? That will require some shopping since I know I can't whip out a garment that soon unless I lock my kids in the closet for a few days. Or unless I send them to my MIL's. But, that will require therapy for them when they are returned to me (which can be expensive).

  16. Ok, I have considered this since I read it early this morning. Since time is wasting away, I had better stop thinking about it and start doing something. I have been thinking about what a slob I have become for a couple of weeks now. Thanks to Cathy for inspiring me to do something about it!

  17. Cathy, please make me over! Your dear cousin saw my outfit at the ASE PR fashion show. 'Nuff said!

  18. How fun! I don't have time to participate, but I'm anxiously awaiting what comes from this. :)

  19. I love the last top, the black number with a frilly collar. Used to have something similar but I wore it to death.
    Finding awesome dresses for cd friends is such a challenge. Finding size 13 heels in Montreal however... nearly impossible!
    For decades we have been influenced by male fashion designers but it's way more inspiring to appreciate style from someone who walks the walk :)


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