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May 15, 2015

MPB -- Now 33% BIGGER!

Readers, it was time.

Today MPB got its first-ever upgrade.

As with most changes I make these days, my first reaction was to wonder why I waited so long.  Regardless, during the next month, I'll be tweaking Male Pattern Boldness to make it visually more appealing. 

One thing you'll notice immediately is that images are larger.  This means no more clicking to supersize photos -- unless you want to, of course!

I've also added tabs to the top of the page.  These make it easier to access popular content like sew-along links, Cathy photo shoots, videos, and more.  You'll still be able to find all my old posts just the way you always have, via my archives in the right-hand column.

A big thank-you to my friend Mikhaela (below), whose excellent sewing blog, Polka Dot Overload, many of you already follow.   Super-talented Mikhaela is helping me make these upgrades and I couldn't do it without her.  Today I even got to meet Baby D, who is, I believe, the first baby I've ever bounced on my knee; I enjoyed it but he seemed to spit up a little.

In other technology-related news, as of today, I am the owner of my first-ever smart phone.  Good-bye, stupid phone!

I'm finally entering the 21st Century and I encourage you to join me there if you, like me, are a bit of a foot-dragger.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. Welcome to the aughties! (Er, I mean, is the 20 teens now?) That baby's as cute as little Simplicity, and a lot more animated.
    Now that you have a smartphone, get thee on Instagram. It's disco night all the time over there.

  2. Love the tabs and all the other upgrades. Thanks.

  3. Looks good. I've definitely discovered that it is more pleasant to read and look at photos on a blog that is simpler and less cluttered. Thanks!

  4. Looks great. Male Pattern BOLDNESS fer sure

  5. looks great, well done. love the foot dragger comment - that's me. Phone like a brick. Jane

  6. Cathy having her own tab allowed me to sleep easier last night, as well as wake up refreshed and ready for more of the new improved MPB site.

  7. Are you going to make Cathy a neoprene knob head suit like the fetching one in tat last photo then? ;-)

  8. Instagram is smack, kids! Look forward to seeing you there (and stunned that there is someone who was slower than I on the smart phone. Then again, I have teen boys, and they are reknown for early adopting).


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