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Jun 14, 2013

NAME THAT PATTERN -- High Fashion Edition!

Friends, what better way to welcome the weekend than with a spanking new edition of NAME THAT PATTERN!

Today's game has a theme you couture fans are going to love -- high fashion.  I've found some chic-er than chic patterns and I hope they inspire you as they do me.

For those who've never played NAME THAT PATTERN before, the rules are easy: I post photos of  sewing patterns I've found online, and YOU have to give them names.  You can name all the patterns below, or just the ones that speak to you. 

This time we have some amazing prizes in store, including a week-long, all-expenses-paid vacation at Petticoat Junction's own Shady Rest Hotel!

With no further delay, here's Pattern #1:

Warmed up yet? (he he)  Here's Pattern #2!

But wait, there's more -- it's Pattern #3 (Vogue 2012)!

We're nearly done -- here's Pattern #4!

And finally, our special BONUS pattern -- this time, two!

Pattern #5!

...and, for the boys, Pattern #6!

Friends, thank you so much for playing NAME THAT PATTERN -- High Fashion Edition, and remember: you have to be in it to win it!

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. I've only got an entry for #1: Parka Avenue Princess

  2. #1- Sleeping Bag Ninja
    #2- Polyester Princess
    #3- Push Me Out of This Window... PLEASE!
    #4- Ballet Fats
    #5- Poncho Playtime
    #6- Jinkies, Fred!

  3. 1. Have Sleeping Bag, Will Travel
    2. Princess Blah
    3. All I Need Is A Cowbell
    4. My Skirt Is Falling
    5. Tent Fashion
    6. The Cossacks Are Coming

  4. 1. Twig-in-a-Blanket
    2. The Prince Is Giving a Ball!
    3. Feed me or I'll jump...
    4. Donna Home Ecky
    5. Gingham-a-Go-Go
    6. Diamonds Are a Boy's Best Pants

  5. #1 Snuggy prototype, or is it a slanket? Or a snleeping blag? Whatever, it’s de-sig-ner.
    #2 For holding court at Graceland.
    #3 If my stock tanks, I’m jumping out of this window!
    #4 In case a sudden dinner party breaks out, she’s got the tablecloth!
    #5 Disguise yourself as a lamp!
    #6 Suburban camoflage; blend into the wallpaper!

  6. 1)Overnight Doejo
    2)Lady James Brown
    3)Cowl on a hot tin roof
    4)Tie Died
    5)Poncho Via

  7. 1. In Soviet Russia Sleeping Bag Wears You
    2. My First Barbie Sewing Pattern
    3. Too Mauve-lous to Jump
    4. Mother Nature's "Gift"
    5. Capes for Your Arms And Legs
    6. Nothing Says "Native" Like A Defined Waistline And A Distant Stare

  8. 1. Camping cosy!
    3. Cowl-er than you
    4. I ran out of elastic
    5. Jiffy Bells

  9. 1. Homeless shelter
    2. Royal Pain
    3. Death by clothing
    4. Belly Bow

  10. Comfort in a Comforter or Homeless Wearables
    Queen of a Day
    Caught Flirting with the Window Washer
    Caped Crusader
    Tonto for a Day

  11. Here goes:
    1. Down kimono
    2. Anne Boleyn goes bowlin'
    3. Satin skydiving skyline
    4. Frumpalina
    5. Torso cosy and matching separates
    6. Tonto meets Peter Max

  12. 1. Blanket Origami
    2. Her Tapestry Majesty
    3. High Rise,Deep Plunge
    4. Dreams in a Sack
    5. Poncho-o-go-go
    6. Apache Smart n'Sassy

  13. #1:Summer sleep over!
    #2: Liz Taylor as Princess Padme.
    #3: Mod over Manhattan
    #4: Put a Bow on It
    #5: Swinging with That Girl
    #6: Happy Luke I am Your Father's Day.

  14. #1 The walking quilt.
    #2 Zha Zha Zhivago

    #6 Grandma's present, never to be worn.
    Holley in Roseville MN

  15. 1. and with the new and improved Ronco quilt...
    3. spiderman in his off duty hours
    4. this is your chance to create your own muffin top silhouette
    5. circus clown barbie

  16. 1. Wear My Doona
    2. What To Wear for a Royal Pregnancy
    3. If I fall out this window I'll unravel my scarf and climb back up
    4. This is too Awful for Words!
    5. Proposed costume for Remake of The Brady Bunch
    6. The ideal pattern for proving that the 70's were "the decade that style forgot".

  17. 1 When I go camping, I bring my own sleeping bag
    2 When I go camping, I bring servants
    3 When I go camping, I like to put my tent just here...
    4 When I go camping, I bring my own tent
    5 When I go camping, I steal the tent curtains
    6 I'm camp

  18. #1 Slow Down Dress - for the hyperactive woman
    #2 To Be Queen
    #3 Tight Skirt Suicide
    #4 Gift Wrap (Happy Birthday/Father's Day etc.)
    #5 Ding-A-Ling Delight (dress like a bell)
    #6 Ken in Barbie's clothes.

  19. 1. Bag Lady
    2. What, this old thing?
    3. Cowed by Cowl
    4. Bow-woe
    5. You Go-Go, Girl
    6. Lost-a-Bet togs

  20. 1. Messy and Yucky by Issey Miyake
    2. All your fashion needs — from go-go cage to throne!
    3. "Come any closer with that camera and I'll fingerprint your plate glass!"
    4. I Donna Karan-y more if my designs are flattering
    5. If I Were a Bell(e)
    6. Another stunner from the Ralph Furley collection

    1. NOTE: #4 must be read with a thick Italian accent. #6 - Ralph Furley was Don Knotts' character on "Three's Company" -- who knew?

  21. #1 2-in-1 Couture Survival Kit - Floatation Device Doubles as Sleeping Bag (Just pull tassels to inflate)

  22. 1. Comforter Oddity
    3. Gone with the window

  23. How about #4: Tie a yellow ribbon 'round your big fat butt.

  24. 1. Security (Blanket)
    4. Broken zipper emergency tie
    6. Disco Ken

  25. 1-Pork Bao in a Blanket
    2-Cinderella and her Ugly Stitch Sisters
    3-I'd Jump Too in that Getup!
    4-Red, White and Bleh!
    5-Four Ugly Outfits for the Price of One!
    6-Charles Nelson Reilly Memorial Pattern

  26. 1. Doona D'jour
    2. Ice ice bebe
    3. Attack of the 50 foot cowl
    4. Charles Bow-delaire
    5. Jiffy's Angels
    6. Liberace Lounge

  27. 3. I rather be surfing than wearing these stupid shoes

  28. 3. What?! No window!

  29. 1. Haute Homeless
    2. The Howl Cowl
    3. Bo Peep - Millenial Edition
    4. Teen Scream: Hell's Bells
    5. Chastity Insurance


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