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Jun 27, 2013

Fabric Shopping with (and for) Michael + MPB DAY: SAVE THE DATE!

Readers, you must think my entire life revolves around fabric shopping, sewing, and blogging.   I also swim and walk dogs daily.

Which reminds me: our third annual MPB DAY is scheduled for Saturday, August 10th -- just six weeks from this coming weekend.  I'll be posting the details shortly, but if you need to make travel arrangements, prithee do not tarry.  (NOTE: those attending MPB DAY twice or more are immediately eligible to attend MPB NIGHT a full-fledged pajama party in my apartment tentatively scheduled for 2014!)

Moving right along, having tired of sewing for myself and my ungrateful cousin Cathy, I've decided it is time to make some summer clothes for Michael.  True, he got the vintage gray cotton print shirt, but the more time passes, the more I think I may take it back.  Would that be wrong?

When I go to Mood I often bring home swatches for him to look at, but it's really hard to shop for somebody else -- especially a very fussy somebody else.  Earlier this month I brought these home.  Do you think any of them passed muster?  (He actually did like the peachy dotted swiss.)

Since Michael had some free time today, he agreed to come fabric shopping with me.  It was a very productive visit.

First, for a shirt, Michael chose this deep salmon cotton eyelet.   I'm thinking camp shirt (like the Colette Negroni).

Next, he chose this liver-colored linen for shorts.  We also picked up matching thread and a zipper.

Finally, Michael chose a lovely rayon knit print for a tee shirt (or tank top).  I also bought a yard of a coordinating knit solid for a neck and/or arm bands.  With what's left of the solid knit, maybe I'll make him boxer briefs.

The two shirts and the shorts will be Michael's summer ensemble and (most probably) my next Mood Sewing Network post.  Somehow these posts have ended up being whole outfits rather than just a single garment, which is actually more fun for me though more work.

Naturally I poked around Mood for myself a bit too, but we were really there for Michael. 

I loved this toile-like linen print (below and top pic) for him.  Alas there was only a yard left on the bolt.

Friends, that's it for now.  I hope you like our fabric choices; you'll be seeing a lot of them in the weeks ahead!

In closing, don't forget to add MPB Day to your calendars.  Even if you can't attend in person, you can still celebrate at home (think backyard barbecue, balloons, or a day of decluttering).

Happy Thursday, everybody!


  1. Oh, Michael will look good in almost anything. You as well Peter!! :)

  2. I like that you and Michael choose unexpected fabrics and I am always impressed when I see the results. Can't wait to see that salmon eyelet made up. Will it be peek-a-boo? Not such a problem for guys.

  3. Everything you make for him looks good. I can't wait to see the end result.

  4. When are you going to start sewing for baby/toddler Simplicity? ;)

  5. Sounds like a fun day!

    The gray fabric really makes Michael's eyes pop!

  6. Michael's not fussy, he's "discerning". :)

    Great fabric choices, can't wait to see the finished clothes!

  7. I meant his eyes pop in a good way, not a thyroid condition way...

  8. Ooh, the fabrics are all so co-ordinated! I love the idea of amen's shirt in eyelet. Extra breezy! I really, really hope I can make it to MPB day. I also hope I'll have time to sew the piece of fabric I bought from mood last time into something so I can wear it!

  9. Hurray, MPB day is coming! Time to finish the dress msde from last year's MPB Day fabric purchases (so I can wear it to this year's festivities!) Looking forward to another fun day!


  10. "a day of decluttering"....that *is* a good way to celebrate for those who can't be there in person.

  11. I've had MPB day in my calendar since last year in the vain hope that I might win the lottery and be able to afford to fly from Sydney to New York to attend :(

    And also, it makes me want to puke with envy that you can just go to Mood and buy fabulous fabrics! I recently bought something from them, and to get it I had to paypal money to a friend so she could buy it on my behalf, have it shipped to her, then ship it to me. Its a whole lotta trouble.

    But on the positive, I just love the colour choices for Michael - he looks so happy in all those photos! I look forward to seeing what you make for him :)

  12. Oh my karma... so he chooses fabrics and you have to make them into clothes...
    Sounds just like me & my hubby: I brought him along to fabric shop with me (Jason's in Edgware Rd + Joel & Sons in Church Street, London) hoping that he'd have a calming influence on my crazed fabric-buying behaviour, but it backfired & he started pulling out all kinds of fabrics & even negotiated discounts so that I HAD TO buy the fabric....!
    As I type, I'm just finishing a short sleeved shirt for him... love him to bits, nonetheless!

  13. Ooooh, these are excellent choices! Looking forward to seeing Michael model these!

    Gotta say... an MPB pajama party sounds like BOATLOADS of fun! I can't even imagine the fabulous jams you would see at such an event!

  14. Sweet! I missed the last MPB day and I hope I make it this time around, especially if it involves a morning at the Chelsea flee market.

  15. Oh! I will not be in NYC for MPD day this year, to my great regret. Husband says we can celebrate it in Belgium and will decide which of your suggestions he likes best by July 10 (I know it all sounds rather patriarchal, but otherwise the day will go utterly uncelebrated!). I am just saving up for my next big birthday, for which I shall demand a big celebratory trip to the Big Apple over the 2nd weekend of August.

  16. Great finds for your happy camper. The salmon cotton eyelet is perfect for the Colette Negroni camp shirt.

  17. Great wardrobe! He will look tres chic. I love the linen and it goes so well with both top fabrics.

  18. Have you ever thought of custom made garments for others? You could make some fabric money! You certainly have the skills...AND where do you swim?

    1. I've thought about it but I don't think I have the drafting/fitting skills or experience. I swim at the indoor city pool on West 25th St.


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