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May 12, 2010

Peter's Pants Project - PART 2, with POLL!

Ta da -- new pants, Kwik Sew 2123.  Mission accomplished.


There's something mildly funky in the pocket area -- like the inside pocket wants to be pulled toward the crotch for the pocket not to gather a bit by the seam, if that makes sense.  They're not too tight in the front or back and I fiddled with that pocket area, ripping and re-sewing the side seam three times, until I finally gave up let it go.  I generally leave my shirt untucked anyway. 

Everything went smoothly so I don't know what happened.  They're not too tight in the rear. 

Or the crotch.


I only had a long pink zipper so I used that (only the bottom third of course).  Hey, it matches the pockets.

Here are some flat-felled seams.  Easy-peasy with my Singer 15-91.

I may stitch up another pair of these for Michael -- I have a TON of that fabric left -- or maybe make a jacket.  Or would that be too matchy-matchy?

Here I am in my knit tank top that reader Rachel insists isn't boring -- with such fervor, in fact, that I may just whip one up for her, which may have been her agenda all along.

And so, another project completed if not quite perfect.  But who wants perfect? 

So where do I go from here, loyal readers?

Given that I'm so busy sewing, I have decided to outsource as much of my decision-making responsibilities to you.  Pretty kewl, huh?


Thanks, folks!

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.


  1. *applauds* Nice butt, BTW. ;) Maybe look up welt pockets to fix the wonky pocket, Peter? They look good, though!

  2. I love the striped tank! Knits are your friend, Peter!

  3. Looking good Peter! And fnn belt by the way. Ever thought about making a complete classic suit? I somehow seemed to have promised my man that I'd sew one for him sometime and maybe I could learn from watching you do it first ;-) (Yes, I admit: I'm scared to start a project like that. grmbl)

  4. Good effort - they look great. I love the pink zip and floral pockets.
    Hmm Jacket to match might be a bit too much. Could Cathy have a shift dress out of what you have left?

  5. Very jaunty--love the pink zipper.

  6. Peter, I've had the same problem with the pockets myself. Two suggestions: in upper line women's RTW, they often extend the pocket facing all the way to the fly and catch it in the fly flaps (I hope I'm clear). That pulls the pocket and keeps it from folding forward. Second, it may be that the front of the pants is too short in the rise, i.e., slash the front of the pattern perpendicular to the grain and open it up until the pocket stays in place. It's better to do on a muslin. You'll find that when you add about 1/2", the fold goes away. In other words, the waistband is pulling the pocket forward because it's fighting to come up toward your natural waist. Good luck! -- San Antonio Sue

  7. Totally agree with Laura above... Nice ass... Totally agree with San Antonio Sue above. Was going to write pretty much the same thing... Am uncharacteristically agreeable today.

  8. Nice pants! I'm amazed at your productivity. Don't you have a day job or a life. LOL (jk) ;) I am also in the camp that you need a bit more room in the front. The pants seem to be pulling toward the front. A little extra room there would allow the side seam (and pocket) to hang straight.
    How about a matching vest? That would be dapper. :)

  9. I think that you should definitively do a knock-off of this season's hits. What about this Balenciaga?
    Ok, just kidding, but something Paul Smith-ish would look dashing on you.

  10. Those look wonderful Peter, and I love the knit top!

  11. Agree with (1) nice ass ;-) and tum, (2) need more room in the front - don't you just hate hearing that? So, would that be a FCA?

    I like Aquarijenn's vest idea. But not to wear with the pants necessarily. Or you could use this very same pattern again but as shorts and with the FCA.

  12. Hello Peter:

    This is the first time I write you...I love everything you make. I admire that since the day you discovered you like sewing, nothing stops you and you just keep getting better and better.
    You are very talent and inspiring.
    Besides that I love reading your blog because you have a natural great sense of humor by just being you.

    I want to improve my english so I dont care when you or others use slangs, I need to learn that too.

    Thank you for all the time you take to share with us all your projects

    Consider me your new fan :)

  13. J'adore the pink zipper + pocket linings.

    These are the perfect straight leg pant. They don't *look* too tight in the front. Though if the pockets are pulling, there must be something going on. Love Debbie's comment above - about the FCA. Ha! Not a bad thing!

    I suppose I need to work on my subtlety. Same color as yours, please - thanks ;).

  14. Didn't Marlene Dietrich wear that Balenciaga number in "The Garden of Allah?" That is one of the dreariest menswear collections I've ever seen.

    Thanks, Ladies. Perhaps I do need a little more room up front. I may have to do these again.

    Aquarijenn, I thought this WAS my day job.

  15. Welcome, rw!

    Rachel, I'll get right to it.

    Do you think it's worth ripping the side seams out below the waistband and re-stitching the whole thing on both sides, or should I just let it go? I see now there's quite a bit of pulling.

  16. Peter, I am so impressed! I have now developed a Pavlovian reaction to pants patterns that require zip-fronts, because of a terrible pair I had to make for one of our plays. Let's just say that there were a lot of tears and f-bombs dropped during that process.

    Definitely make Michael a pair - the fabric looks fantastic as pants.

    Ahem. What I meant to say was, make the matching jacket. Please ;o)
    And then wear them with the striped shirt, which is awesome. As are all horizontal striped shirts, imho.

  18. Do the sewing gods love you, or what? That's a spectacular result for your first pair of fitted pants. I know Kwik Sew's great (at everything but spelling), but still . . .

    I totally agree that the tank is excellent (no competition for Rachel; I don't wear them!) and quite impressive in its own right. I think my fawning got lost in the whole thing were I messed up your sewing machine identification. (It's better to wake up before commenting.)

  19. Let 'em go and just make a note for the next pair. They only look "bad" if you're pointing things out. And if anyone is studying your crotch that closely, it's not alterations that's on their mind. Well, outside of this fun group anyway. :-)

  20. Aside from the more room in the front, I have found that the pocket front can't be flat when the pants are laying flat, ie, you need a little bit of ease in the pocket so that it has room for your hand to reach in. I'm in Debbie's camp about if they are looking that closely, etc...

  21. I vote for the matching jacket which does not mean it has to be worn with these pants (no worries about matchey, matchey). I ditto both of Debbie's comments. Please give us a step-by-step on the FCA.

  22. I agree with the alteration comments above, but if this particular pair is annoying you, it is not too hard to sew the pocket stay (extra piece joining pocket to zipper guard as San Antonio Sue describes) in the finished garment. Unpicking sounds far too boring.

  23. The pants look great! I especially like the pocket lining with matching zipper.

    I had a similar pocket-pulling problem on a skirt pattern the other day and no matter how many times I ripped it open and redid it, thinking every time, of course, that now I had the solution, I couldn't fix it. The problem seemed to defy logic, coz there really wasn't anything wrong. In the end, I just had to let the pockets be the way they wanted to. So, sorry, I'm not much help for the pocket problem, but if you do find a solution, make sure to let me know!

  24. I've had the same pocket problem with Grant's pants and I found that because he was tucking the front down low it was creating an extra lot of fabric. I shortened the front rise and took a fold out of the pocket, which swung the pocket more towards the centre front, if that makes any sense. This alteration seems the exact opposite of what another commenter has suggested so I don't know if it is of any help at all. I have cut a pair of pants with a front pocket stay to be sewn into the fly as RTW jeans seem to, so I'm hoping next time I will have solved the problem altogether. Keen to see what you do. Please make something with the faux python as I really love fabrics like that.

  25. They look fabulous! Not too tight at all!
    To help with your pocket on your next pair, reshape your pocket bags so they extend right to the fly - this stabilises the front of stretch pants. Go 'shopping' and have a look at a few trouser interiors to see what I mean.
    You could also add up to 1/4" to side seam of pocket facing and front, tapering to nothing at bottom of pocket bag, to allow some horizontal cloth allowance as the pocket area curves around your front. This outer layer needs to be slightly longer than the inner layer to go around your curves and still match at the edges.
    They look v. cool with your tank!

  26. Pardon a RANT! Do you bloggers just blog for EACH other? I complained last week that since I don't have a google, yahoo, or other "sanctified" account, I couldn't post on Spare Time. Today I discover that without a website, I can't post on Selfish Seamstress! I'm just a sewer who enjoys reading blogs, but I guess that since I'm not a member of the elite, blogging group, I'm not welcome to post my comments on popular blogs. Well, *F&%$#@#$%! -- San Antonio Sue

  27. Dear Anonymous/San Antonio Sue?
    I have neither a blog nor a website and have had no problems commenting when I wish except when Blogger malfunctions, which has nothing to do with me. I registered for a Google account which makes it possible for me to respond on Blogger, etc. Word Press just asks for your basic info. Considering the finale' of your rant, you might not have nice things to say and some bloggers have you blocked.

  28. @ SAS - steady up! No need for such vitriol here on Peter's happy, friendly blog. Technically none of my business I know but I was genuinely taken aback to read your comment.

    Anyway, on to the business at hand. Great pants and great butt Peter :-). I like the idea of a matching vest. Think the 2 pieces would then look great with a nice white, crisp shirt.

  29. Love the pants, love the original post with Umbrellas of Cherbourg reference, love your blog. It was referred to me today and so far has made me do nothing but smile...And I voted for you on Seamingly. Love love love!

  30. Actually, I have never commented negatively. I simply wanted to respond, but lately, I've been frustrated that I couldn't. My comment to Selfish would have been this: "I have no problem with others who want me to sew for them. I simply, say no, and continue, "I sew every weekend. And you're welcome to join me any time. I have extra machines and give lessons. Here's my phone number." and mysteriously enough, NO ONE has ever taken me up on it. I'm actually a very nice person, just one that carries only 1 credit card, 1 debit card, and has only 1 work and 1 personal email (which I've had for over 10 years). I believe in simplification.

  31. Forgot to sign my anonymous post San Antonio Sue.

  32. rats! Missed the poll!! For what it is worth, my vote would have been with the vinyl python print.

    The pants look great. Much more of a challenge to get the fit right than with dresses, shirts and jackets. Often difficult for experienced sewists - you are to be congratulated for meeting the challenge, and producing such a great result!

  33. I used to have the pocket problem too, till I learned to do just what you said - pull the front of the pocket up a bit, to make sure things are lying smoothly on the hip. Remember it's a body - if the garment lies flat on the table it's not going to look great on (unless it's a kimono, meant to adapt).


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