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Jun 4, 2015

Projects in the pipeline!

I really want to make another Ivy-style summer blazer, readers -- and maybe even a vest (my first).

This time I'll be using McCall's 5051 (above, from 1959) in a Size 34 chest (the smallest men's size available).  I'm hoping it fits me better than oversized Vogue 9445, which became Michael's tropical print blazer.  I think this McCall's blazer will likely to be a solid or simple stripe -- no hibiscus need apply.

I have another new pattern on the way.  As you know, my pattern purchases tend to be spontaneous and a bit random.   Feast your eyes on McCall's 5393:

I'm thinking this might be just the thing Cathy could wear under one of these two patterns from my stash:

I think it's time to return to the Twenties, don't you?  (My cousin Cathy hasn't Charleston'ed since 2010, which feels so long ago it might as well be 1926.)

Cathy models McCall's 4907.

Meanwhile, I still have a shirt for Michael in the docket, a jacket for my mom, as well as some client projects which should be starting soon.  All in all, a busy time.

I've also been reading some terrific sewing/fashion-related books I'd like to share with you.  And I still have a new men's shirt sew-along in the planning stages, pattern yet to be chosen (it must be in-print). 

Hope your projects are all going well.

Have a great day, everybody!

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  1. Ouh wow! Those intimates are so wonderful! The bralet with shorts made from some lightweight cotton would be nice to sleep in for a modern girl.

    And a mens shirt sewalong? :) hope I can take part. I need to start on a shirt for my life partner (is it OK to call him that when I'm a girl? I don't know the right word in English for a man you live in sin with LOL) he is short and has real wide shoulders for his frame, plus like every domesticated man in my part of the world, my love for him shows the most on his waistline. Sewing a shirt is no problem for me, but I seem to lack the motivation. Ok, my rant is over

  2. I miss Cathy, I'll be so glad to see her return for a photo shoot in that lovely twenties outfit.

  3. A shirt sew along? Fabulous! My first shirt was the Negroni from your sew along. It took me 40 hours, was far too large and I gave it to my brother as I had no pleasant emotions to that garment. After a dozen more shirts my skills have improved so I'm eager to sew along. Perhaps the Japanese shirts by Shamazaki. The book is in print, albeit in Japanese. We MPB readers love a challenge!

  4. Very exciting projects! A vest is on my to-do list so I'm keen to follow your lead. Cathy has the figure to pull off Twenties fashions (my absolute favourite era). Can't wait for the photo shoot.


  5. Recently I read a book called Flapper and now I'm reading the biography of Zelda Fitzgerald. I'm very much in a 1920s frame of mind and Love the new patterns you've gotten. Twinges of pattern envy may be growing inside me, even.
    You will look great in a vest and jacket.

  6. Have any thoughts on why the guy in the vest has a walking cane seat in his hand? I suppose if he was waiting in line, he could use it to sit down for a cigarette break with the guy in the jacket.

  7. ... they appear to have made "eye contact".

  8. It's so nice to see Cathy again!

  9. Vest! Remember the lining is going to appear/disappear as you wear the vest. Contrast welts? How many pockets? Structured? Not structured? Bag that lining!

    I love making them, but they aren't a quick sew. Plan your pattern matching

  10. This evoked this movie memory: "Why do rich girls' beads always hang straight?"

    Love the flapper designs! Can't wait to see the vest, I love vests.

  11. I'll make the new Colette shirt for the sew-along. Saw exactly the cotton print I wanted, then saw it was Liberty at $59 a yard!!!!! Will hit the fabric discount store. I love 20's styles too. If you get a chance, watch "The House of Elliot," an old BBC tv series. The fashions are stunning and there are scenes in the workshop that are wonderful. Unfortunately the series was ended before all the stories were resolved, but still worth the viewing.

  12. Be sure to "test" the vest out before cutting your fabric...made a vest from a vintage 50s pattern and didn't pre was a good 2 inches to short:( Remember pants rode higher on the waist:(

  13. I think some 20s duds for Cathy will be perfect, because who doesn't feel like doing the Charleston now that the snow is gone!

  14. Looking forward to the vest construction. I tried one a long time ago, and it was a lot harder than it looked. Talk about a wadder. I couldn't stomp on that thing enough.

    That 4907 1920's pattern looks a lot like a dress I had in the 1980's! Now I wish I still had it, but I know Cathy will look MUCH better in hers than I ever did in mine.


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