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Jun 22, 2015

NAME THAT PATTERN: National Onion Rings Day Edition!

Friends, I came this close to forgetting that today, June 22nd is National Onion Rings Day.  Now I must be honest: I rarely eat onion rings, subscribing as I do to the adage (attributed to Kate Moss) that nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.  But if I were to eat onion rings, this is the day I'd be eating them and I'd even share mine with you!

In celebration of this very important holiday, I can think of no better ritual than another round of the sewing blogosphere's favorite pattern-naming game, MPB's exclusive, Name That Pattern!

The rules of Name that Pattern are simple: I post photos of patterns I've found online (generally NOT from my pattern stash, mind you), and you give them funny names.  As always, we have lots of exciting prizes, including a priceless vintage Singer sewing machine!

Without further delay, let's get started.

Here's Pattern #1!

Not sweet enough?  Here's Pattern #2!

But there's more: say bonjour (or is it hola?) to Pattern #3!

Now something for the boys: Pattern #4!

Finally, a rare beauty, Pattern #5!

But wait, that's not all: we also have a bonus pattern for those who just can't get enough.  Put your hands together for Pattern #6!

Readers, thank you very much for participating in this very special edition of Name That Pattern.  As always, you can name only some of the patterns or all of them.  Only those of you providing names for all-of-the-above, however, will be eligible for our vintage Singer sewing machine.

I'll be playing along, as well as anyone else in my household I can coerce.

On your mark, get set, NAME THAT PATTERN!!


  1. For Pattern #3: Forget the dress, I want the hairdo!

  2. 1-Do they sell this one at movie theaters?
    2-Dress your daughter to match your curtains (and bedspread and throw pillows and shower curtain.....)
    3-Don't untie the bow - don't ask Why?, just DON'T
    4-Perfect to use for all the merry men in the forest
    5-Midriff pockets front and back modeled by Pencil Legs Peggy
    6-How the Duggars got started

  3. #4-Perfect to hide my lymphedema! (I'm an RN.)

  4. #4 - Wait...That Seinfeld "Puffy shirt" was a joke? I don't see the humor...

    1. When I saw #4, the first thing I thought was "the puffy shirt"!!

  5. 1) Saved by the Carnival sleepwear?

    2) Laura Ashley Lil' Grandaughter Taxidermy Ensemble

    3) After-my-shower-towel with diamonds (and Seussian curl)

    4) Oh Lord, the Puffy Shirt

    4) Kevin Goes Davy Crockett

    5) Wait-dress, alien head size edition

    6) The Stepford Toddlers

    6) Oh Sandy, Free to Be You & Me

  6. 1) Make Mine Green!
    2) "He Loves me - Not"
    3) The "Inquisition" Dress
    4) Everyday Hobbit-Wear - The Middle Earth Forest Frock Complete with Hidden Ring Pocket
    5) Princess Seamed Servant's Uniform
    6) New! The "At the Movies' Dress From the Creepy Patterns for Friendless Children Collection (okay - I'm not sure what to make of the distracting Olivia Newton John/John Travolta Greece poster in the background!)

  7. 1. What happens when you ingest red dye #2
    2. Illegitimate Clampett
    3. I've a bomb planted in my hair, Mr. Bond. I'm so very sorry, James. (boom)
    4. The "Men In Tights" auditions are closed.
    5. Expandable darts for inflatable heads
    6. Worst horror movie pitch ever.

  8. 1. Simplicity Jumps the Shark
    2. Baby Jane at the National Gallery
    3. "You Vill Never Find My Hidden Camera!"
    4. Robin launches his unisex line
    5. Midlife Molly, the doll that goes gray!
    6. Playtime in the burn unit

  9. Pattern #5 seems to have an "age" value listed down at the bottom. I don't think I've ever seen this before. What's its purpose?

  10. #1 Yummy in the Tummy
    #2 Hey that's where the tablecloth went
    #3 For the Banana in Your Life
    #4 The Bud Bundy back to school look
    #5 Lavin Lavin from the tv show alice called she want her dress back
    #6 what not to wear to your next job interview

    1. #5, that was me, I'm Alice, and that's me in my nurses uniform in 1975!! Hair and all!!!!

  11. 1- no&no's
    2- it only looks uncomfortable
    3- Wiglet mot included
    4- Big yokes for regular folks
    5- Bust 36, Forehead 48
    6- Grease is the herd


  12. 1. clothing so good you can eat it.
    2. But Mom, I match the sofa!
    3. I should have got the black dress - the hairstyle isn't so stupid.
    4. I feel like robbing the rich to feed the poor.
    5. For first graders with boobs? (age 5-6 - bust 36"????)
    5. (alternate answer) Does this dress make my head look big?
    6.I didn't have any friends so mom made me some.

  13. 1- Mm Mm - Jammies on Parade
    2 - Sized NN for DOUBLE NO
    3- One strap away from a wardrobe malfuntion
    4- form fitting - BARGH!
    5- for the girl who bought a 36 but wants room for later because shes going to be eating ONION RINGS, LOL
    6- You're the one. You're the one. Who, Who, Who's the real one.

  14. 1)Eat chocolate pants pattern.
    2) Curtain/dress pattern.
    3)Hepburn dress, crazy twirly hair must be worn with this one.
    4)Sherwood eat your heart out.
    5) Magic dart day dress....for bloating !
    6)Grease is the word to create weird dancing dolls.

  15. 1. His and hers maternity pattern
    2. The Twee-test thing!
    3. Slip on a slip.
    4. Basque haute couture
    5. Nurse Nancy
    6. When Mommy "makes" friends for you

  16. 1. Casino Chic - for the everyday gambler
    2. Very Victoriana- so you and your porcelain doll can match!
    3. Travel Twiggy - a poolside frock perfect for wintering in Barbados, especially designed with pre-op transwomen in mind
    4. The Ssherwood - when Little John finds you, it's on!
    5. Future Stewardess - aim high little ladies
    6. Cozy Cover-ups - better than the paper gown they tried to give you

  17. 1. The Dave Coulier wardrobe starter package
    2. 2 in 1, Matching sofa and dress pattern!
    3. From the Bond Girl collection- Casino Royale
    4. Asssss yooooou wiiiiiish..........
    5. Waffle House, '67
    6. Children of the Cotton... Bedtime will never be the same.

  18. Before I enter- WHAT IS KATE MOSS TALKING ABOUT?? Clearly the poor deluded girl has gone without food for so long she's flipped her tiny lid. Bugger thin, EAT woman! Anyway. Breathe Fairy, breathe... Here's my take:
    1. Candy-can-don't!
    2.Quick! Bury it back in the cabbage patch!
    3.Lady Penelope meets Tressy []
    4.Fat arms? We have the answer!
    5.Midriff slits for that itchy belly problem
    6. clone heads

  19. Oh my! Mom had that Raggies pattern and I remember her making them. Thank goodness I can’t remember why. :-D

  20. 1-Cavaties not included
    2-American Girl - The Human Doll
    3-Ring-hair Bow-Ding
    4-Made for a man but worn by a woman
    5-BettyBoop gets a husband
    6-The Walking Dead - Judith, The next generation

  21. Daisy Kingdom fabrics for girls were wonderful in their day if they were made up decently. Just skirts and simple tops. Not prairie dresses. They didn't design much for women, but I still have their great work apron pattern from Simplicity.

    Margaret O'Brien was bearable, but I couldn't stomach Shirley Temple. Especially after Miss Goody Two Shoes' shotgun white wedding to an old soldier at age 17. Everything about her was fake.


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