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Dec 1, 2013

Gifts For Cathy + "Who Wears It Best?"

Friends, I don't formally celebrate any of those gift-giving holidays this time of year, but there's something about the season that makes one want to buy stuff.  Am I right?

I won't go into detail about the sewing machine auction I lost yesterday, though if you follow me on Twitter, you've heard the story.

So naturally, when I went to the flea market this morning it was in hopes I'd find some fabulous sewing machine there.  But all I saw was this sorry Singer 128.  How depressing.

I did pick up a few things, though.  I'm a sucker for $3 CD's.

And who can resist rhinestone dangle earrings, perfect for a 1920's evening ensemble, also for $3.

It's pretty easy to buy things for Cathy: she needs so much.

I'd almost forgotten the gift I'd bought for my cousin late last week until I saw the box on my doorstep today.  Naturally I opened it immediately -- she won't mind.

Aren't these rhinestone-studded lucite folding glasses (or lorgnettes) the most absurdly glamorous mid-century accessory ever??

Naturally, we all had to try them on.  Who do you think wears them best?



Very "Far Side"



They're actually great readers too since their lenses magnify, so they'll be handy when I need to read a menu or thread a needle.

Anyway, friends, I am trying to keep my spending under control and I hope you will support me in that.  Still, I could use a pair of bedroom slippers and a few new patterns wouldn't break the bank...

What are hoping that Santa will bring YOU this year?

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. I have those with a brown frame and rhinestones! Have no idea where I got them. Holley in MN

  2. What fun! And isn't that last snap a little time capsule! The ashtray, the novelty cocktail glasses...

    My mother had one of those brass Arabesque coffee pots seen just behind the gentleman who appears to be crocheting...

  3. I'm not on Twitter.....tell us about the machine auction! LOL!!

    1. I bid on a Necchi Supernova and lost. :(

  4. Love Michael's pose! :-)

  5. Willy definitely wears these best. Perfect with his fur. ;)

  6. I don't know what I like more, the glasses or the case they came in! Willy is adorable.

  7. Michael's got the right look with that pose!

    Carl Stalling-- I can hear "Powerhouse" in my head-- I love those old cartoon themes. And I love Helen Forest.

  8. Cathy needs a cheongsam to go with those fab Hong Kong specs. And Michael better watch out lest he end up modeling on the "Sad Etsy Boyfriends" Tumblr page.

  9. Can't wait to see who ends up with the lorgnette!

    And hey, isn't that guy in the last picture doing embroidery? Cool!

  10. Willy wins!
    He shouldn't be so shy, the glasses are perfect with his coloring.


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