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Nov 1, 2013

Pretty in Pink: The Japanese Jacket Muslin

Readers, I finished the jacket muslin.  (I skipped the pockets for now.)

Here it is on me...

Given that this is just a cotton sheet with no interfacing, lining, back stay or shoulder pads, I think it looks good.   I didn't hem it and since this could even work as the finished length, I may lengthen everything by an inch or two so I have something to turn up.  Or not.

I referred a few times to my book, Tailoring, since I'd forgotten how to distinguish the under collar from the over collar.  (The under collar is cut on the bias it seems).  It would be very useful to be able to read Japanese right now.

I'm glad I made the size Medium.  I think with the lining, especially, it's going to be a slim fit, which is my preference, especially since it's double-breasted.  Actually, I might experiment with nipping in the waist a touch to give it more shape.

I'll probably make a sample welt pocket (or two) this weekend just to familiarize myself with the pattern pieces.

Here's the way the finished jacket is supposed to look.

And that's it!  I'm ready for a break or, the next best thing, a dog walk.

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Looks like a great fit so far. Also, the pink here has a nice jaunty Vineyard Vines vibe going for it! ;)

  2. Jacket looks groovalicious. Michael looks very comfy.

  3. If the cotton sheet drapes this well, imagine the actual jacket!

  4. I love it cant wait to see the finished product, good job. I also made a top from a Japanese pattern book it turned out great. Genius designs.

  5. Looks really good already! I like the length on you too, maybe only a cm shorter if anything.

  6. It looks great on you and the size seems right. A little nipping at the waist would be worth trying. I agree with Debbie Illes about the length.

    Looking forward to the finished product.


  7. Looks great. I agree, this looks like a good length, so I would add length for hemming. The current length works well with the width, so going shorter might not. A big deep hen would be lovely. Rachel :-)

  8. I think the pink muslin would look great for Cathy with a couple of darts and some embellishments (trim, etc)

  9. Totally enjoyable! Clever to use old sheets to make a muslin. I shall get me to a thrift store soon.

  10. Brave you for trying a pattern in Japanese! Next try a Marfy pattern, no instructions or requirement, just a picture!

  11. Love the Jacket, even in pink.
    Greetings from Belgium.


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