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Nov 18, 2012

Boxer Ballyhoo - Sunday edition

I'm making progress on the boxers, friends!

As you can see up top, I decided to add contrasting gingham trim to the boxers I'm making, using scraps left over from my very first sewing project (which, coincidentally, happened to be a pair of boxers, though much less fancy than these).

I cut up the scraps to make bias tape, 1 1/4" wide.

As planned, I cut the piece that includes the right fly extension an extra inch or so wide.

From the inside, I folded the outside edge over 1/4", and then folded the whole extension in half.

I folded up the bottom edge to form a triangle, almost like origami.  I then folded this edge down.

It completely covers the left fly facing (which I also folded under to form a similar straight diagonal edge) when the front centers are matched, as per the pattern markings.

I'm basically copying the way the fly is made on my Jockeys.

Stitched, from the outside, it looks like this:

The two front sides as well as the front and back were attached with flat-felled seams.

The outer seams are encased in the bias tape.

Tomorrow I'll add the elastic waistband.  It's amazing how long it can take to make something as basic as underwear, but that's the way it is.

Happy sewing, everybody!


  1. It may take a long time but you'll be wearing them for a longer time after. Definitely a good time investment, and there's nothing quite like a favorite pair of undies. Love the check trim!

    Happy (early) Turkey Day to you, Michael and the pups!

  2. You've added a lot of extra fancy details. They'll be awesome, but that's what added the time. The good news is that the more often you make these the quicker they'll go. And even though the trim on these is pretty much just for your eyes, they'll make your heart sing every time you put them on.

  3. Just lovely, so much caring detail!!!!!!! I still have bronchitis (sigh), but wore my silky tap pants a few days ago, and Hubster washed my pengnoir, as dust gathered on it in the closet (LOL). I love your bias trim, so well done. I have not sew for a bit, but noticed an unfinished linen-like shift that I had been working on, resting on my machine cabinet. It has bias "facing", vintage from a package, navy, with white polka dots. One more sewing cats now, more encouragement for me. He loves to sit in the teak sewing unit, and his Persian fur is as soft as my finest.... Cathie, in Quebec.

  4. There is something about gingham bias binding that makes my heart sing. Perhaps it makes me think of a more innocent time in my childhood. I don't know but it always makes me happy.

  5. Peter, you're doing a beautiful job on those!
    ...have you tried making several at the same time, production style...I'll bet you can make three pair in almost the same amount of time it takes to make one...

  6. Sewing zig-zag stitches on the elasticized waistband will make the elastic spring back to shape. Trust me.

    The straight stitches that you see on your older used shorts's waistband are actually chain stitches. Chain stitches are used for areas of a garment that need to stretch.

    The thread used for these chain stitches may very well be fine elastic thread.

    But I seriously recommend sewing zig-zag stitches on your short's waistband because it may be quicker for you to do it this way. I hope this helps! :)

  7. Love that bias trim! It transforms the look of the boxers and makes them something special.

    As an aside, how long do your individual strips tend to be for bias? I have the little folding implement, but have yet to use it because I can never get my head around the way the strips are supposed to connect (maybe it's easier when the strips aren't yet folded but trying to connect pre-existing bias, I always get it wrong, I am so spatially clueless!).

    1. I've had the same problem: in short, if the pieces are lined up perfect, one on top of another, you must stitch them together diagonally. I think. ;)

    2. you place the strips at right angles to each other, then stitch on the straight of the fabric...a 45 degree line. When you open it out, it's straight.

    3. Bill is 100% correct, as usual. This is where I am spatially challenged too!

  8. Gingham + bias = LOVE!
    Your shorts are looking GREAT!

  9. I'm so glad you are making these. I started a pair for my husband right after the sew along, but the elastic gave me problems. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that has problems with stretch recovery. I tried about 3 types of elastic and none were completely satisfactory. (I think I tried the zigzag someone suggested and it was better, but not perfect.) I will have to try the type you bought. Dispite that, my husband likes the boxers and wants me to make another pair. You are helping me to get to it.
    Great job on some nice undies.


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