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Jan 29, 2010

Too cold out for my copper dress photoshoot

I hate winter.


  1. Peter - I'm upstate and I pass little kids waiting for the bus outside with sweatshirts, torn bluejeans, and no hats and gloves. However, I would never tell anyone to go outside today (it's 15 without the wind chill factor) to take a shot of a dress...

  2. It's happening this weekend even if I have to wear long johns underneath; I'm a very impatient person!

  3. Well, about that four-letter "S" word - the one that's wet, you have to shovel it, AND it's white: I moved South because of that stuff!

  4. Aarrghh. I'm pouting too. I'm sick of this crap!! Sinbad is pooping in the house because he hates this weather. I hope Willy is litter trained. Or do you have to stand outside too while they decide where to poop?

  5. I'm sick of winter too, and I've only had a week of it visiting the states from the Southern Hemisphere....

    great blog!

    sewing elle

  6. I completely agree! I so hate the winter. And to think that we missed your gorgeous creation because of rotten weather makes me really long for warmer months. Uuuuggghhh. I can't wait for pics on your fabulous dress.


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