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Jan 31, 2010

Movie fashion show for a frigid Sunday

And speaking of frigid...

From "That Touch of Mink," the movie that forever cemented Doris Day's (career-wrecking) image as the original 40-year-old virgin.  Gowns by Jean Louis.

TRIVIA QUIZ: Who's Doris's roommate's famous sister?


  1. Too easy . . . Alice Kramden! (never could remember if it was Audrey or Jayne.)

    BTW, was thinking of cousin Cathy while watching "The Prime of Miss Jane Brodie" on DVD yesterday. Maggie Smith's wardrobe is divine and would look fabulous on Cathy on the days she wants to play the prim schoolmarm with deep smoldering sexuality! Robert Stephens . . . swoooon!!!!

    And as for a Doris Day film wardrobe, Pillow Talk is my choice for the best! The white gown she wears when she's dancing with Nick Adams and meets Rock Hudson for the first time is probably my alltime favorite gown. When I get nominated for an Academy Award, I'm going to recreate that dress and wear it to the ceremonies!

  2. Pillow Talk is my favorite too. And the 60s aren't really my "era", but dang those black evening gowns are amazingly awesome.

  3. I love Doris Day and all of her silly movies. The clothes in "Pillow Talk" are one of my favs too. But I think she looked great in all her movies.

    I was excited to hear (at 87) she has a new album coming out in September 2011 and they say it has 3 new songs on it too. By the way have you seen the Mattel "Pillow Talk" gift set? Doris is a little disappointing but the Rock Hudson looks pretty realistic.

    I used to work at TV Guide and they had all these never seen before of course I scanned some of them. Here's a link if you like to see them.

    I'm so behind. I just realized this post is over a year old.

  4. I'm behind on this, too, but I don't care. Loved looking at this. My mother is such a Doris Day fan, and so I am, too. My sister and I watched Pillow Talk all the time and I had some Barbie clothes that resembled some of Jan Morrow's outfits, which I think are just the most beautiful clothes. How fun is this?


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