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Jan 30, 2010

Forties Fashion: It doesn't get better than this, kids!

The supreme combination of 40s fashion show and musical extravaganza, the title number of "Cover Girl," starring Rita Hayworth. Gowns by Travis Banton. I'll take the gold dress.



  1. Wow is right. That gold dress is stunning.

  2. I'll take that fabulous fur muffler! Oh I'm so glad to meet a man who sews! I love your fabulous creations so far!

  3. Some day I will MAKE a fur muffler.

  4. Rita Hayworth (nee Cansino and another Latino/a)at her best and most luminous (sorry to beat that drum again. I'll stop). Nobody more beautiful except maybe La Liz at her peak. Thank you, Peter.

  5. Yum! I must say I had to pause at the Liberty it. But I positively swooned over the glittery robe that accompanies that gold dress. Speaking of mufflers, I still have my rabbit fur mufflers I used as a child. Good thing too--they're so small, you'd need one for each hand! Peter, your blog is absolutely dreamy. Merci.


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