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Sep 5, 2013

Kimono-palooza -- Live Today at Mood!

Friends, the 1920's lounging pajamas and kimono are finished and can be seen today at the Mood Sewing Network -- just click here.

While I'm fond of everything I sew (at least while I'm sewing it), I must say this is one of my all-time favorites -- fun, flirty, and full-on flapper-esque! 

Wouldn't you do a little home entertaining in a jazz-age pajama ensemble?

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the entire photo shoot.

Happy Thursday, everybody!


  1. OMG! How fun and fab!

  2. I can't wait to see the entire photo shoot! I love the pic with the red wall in the background! Cathy is stunning!

  3. Well done, Peter! Cathy is, as always, divine! More Cathy, please!!

  4. Beautiful colours and very chic styling Peter. But isn't Cathy setting a bad example to Simplicity with that cigarette? I hope the nanny forbids smoking in the house!

  5. One of my all-time favourites too (along with the award winning pink swing coat and the strapless number). Love Cathy's new hair do.

    Looking forward to the full shoot.

    There's a federal election in Australia on Saturday - I'll be voting for more 1920s fashions :)


  6. FUN! I wore my 1920's pajamas to meet Willam the drag queen last saturday! He liked my outfit so of course it was a fabulous time, haha.

  7. Absolutely fabulous, dah-ling!

  8. Every woman needs a fabulous lounge/night things outfit. Stop with the knits with the naughty words and brand names on the rear end. Forget the tee shirts and athletic shorts. After a hard day, there is nothing like taking a shower and slipping into something fashionable, fabulous, and fraught with flapper. Seriously. I made myself a plisse pj 'jumpsuit' with a 1920s pattern from Decades of Style and took it with me on a recent trip to Florida. Everyone else was lounging around in their schmatas and I swanned into the livingroom in my jumpsuit with the wrap-around back. Boom. The "OMG, you have to see this," ran around the room like fury. I could not have caused more hubub if I'd arrived nude.

  9. Love the color combination! Beautifully done, as always.


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