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Sep 6, 2013

Cathy models the 1920's pajamas & kimono ensemble!

And now Cathy's most recent photo shoot.

What a glorious day to be wearing sleeveless pajamas in public.  Cathy was, as usual, game and glamorous -- a true pro.

Without further delay, here it is.  As always, to see these photos full-size, please click any image and, in Picasa, choose the album name, and then, in the upper left hand corner, "Slideshow."  (Those with mobile devices can click here.)


CAUTION: Beware the gauzy kimono!  (Special thanks to Sara G. for the tip)


  1. I was so looking forward to the slideshow since I knew you finished the kimono yesterday certainly didn't disappoint, love your work!

  2. Please find and make more 1920's styles! Cathy really brings them to life.

    I am having trouble with Cathy lying on that sidewalk -- it looked filthy!

  3. I think society has been outraged by this lovely outfit by the extent of at least a million bucks!
    Glamorous! My fave Cathy look so far!!
    And I don't care where she wears it - it goes with red stop lights and cocktails, what more do you want or need?! :D

  4. What an amazing outfit! To die for.

    No surprise that Cathy’s loveliness stopped traffic in slide 4 as she crossed against the light.

    The kimono sleeves look so lovely in the breeze. Peter, only you could take an essentially white-bread bathrobe pattern and create a gorgeous kimono.

    The PJ’s are not only beautiful, but they look comfortable – fashion AND function. How often does that happen?

    I must find a way to create a version of this.

  5. Cathy looks divine; as per usual... just quietly did i spy her needing a touch of waxing on her upper back???? Surely it was my failing eyesight...and let's face it, Cathy could forget to shave/wax her winter 'leggings' and she'd still be a knock out; unlike the rest of us who have to work at looking half as good!

  6. As ever, Cathy puts us all to shame - oh, that the rest of us could ever hope to look one tenth as captivating!
    (I almost hate to ask how Simplicity is getting on... it would be a rare treat to see a matching mother / daughter ensemble one day!)

  7. Can you please sign up for Project Runway? Love it!

  8. I really wouldn't be so perplexed by people out and about in their pajamas IF they looked as good as Cathy.

    Also thanks for being a responsible citizen and noting the dangers of smoking.

  9. How funny! Especially love the "Cathy At Rest on the Curb" photo. Her lipstick was a great match to the pajama fabric, but you really need to find one of those long cigarette holder contraptions for Cathy's 1920s photo shoots, like the one Auntie Mame used.

    I love how this project came out, by the way -- especially the way the kimono banding shines in the sunlight. Great job!

  10. My latest brilliant idea is that you should make cunning little scale versions of all of Cathy's fashions to be worn by your sadly neglected Fashiondol mannequin - think how lovely she'd look a la Mame!

  11. So love your slide shows of Cathy wearing such lovely garments. They always make me smile and admire your skills!

  12. Brilliant job on the outfit and the photo shoot, Peter. Cathy has the ideal (boyish) figure for 1920s fashions.

    Love your work.


  13. Cathy is simply stunning in this ensemble! You really out-did yourself on this one =)

    Love the B&W shot of her crossing the street - you also used it in the Mood reveal. It's such a great shot!

  14. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous - especially the kimono! I am now resolved to dig out the silk/cotton that has been hiding in the stash for six months and get on to a reversible full length summer kimono robe. I know won't look it to others but with luck I'll feel as show stopping as CL whenever I seethe sleeve float in the breeze.

  15. Great job, Peter! Love the "Fin!" photo of Cathy in vintage pose. Its so authentic and beautiful. Would be fun to see that in B&W!
    What a great eye you have for design and detail!
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. I loved the slideshow. I like the kimono better than the pajamas, although all of it is lovely. My favorite part is how each slideshow is a little story. Thanks for sharing your work with all of us. Bravo Peter and Bravo to your wonderful model Cathy!

  17. What fun! My favorite one is the entertaining at home outfit. Those high heels are sex-ay.

  18. Best. Cathy. Shoot. Ever. Tremendous ensemble combined with joie de vivre.

  19. tres soignee...
    especially avec cigarette.

  20. Smoking in your PJs is even more dangerous if your in bed.

  21. Love the ensemble, especially the kimono. Tres chic!
    But .. are Cathy's arms a little more muscular than in previous times? It must be from playing with little Simplicity ..

  22. I love that you do these photo shoots, they are the icing to the cake of your excellent sewing.
    My favorites are:
    #11 the lighting and the pose are classic, her cheekbones make me jealous.
    #24 because it's black and white and the clothes flow and float
    #27 because of the pure joy it captures
    #29 really shows off the ensemble and Cathy looks lean and elegant.
    The kimono is so gorgeous, your color choices really worked. I am impressed.


  23. Fabulous, as always! And that final picture in the slideshow is one of my all-time favorites for sure. Cathy looks like she belongs in the Ziegfeld Follies!

  24. Cathy is enchanting as always! Love that kimono. Keep it safe from the bedbugs, ok?


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