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Jul 23, 2013

NAME THAT PATTERN - Global Warming Edition!

Friends, the weather has been so hot here in New York City this month, one seeks relief wherever one can find it.

What better way to cool off than to play a refreshing round of the internet's favorite pattern-naming game, MPB's exclusive Name That Pattern?!

I've picked patterns so cool, they're practically air-conditioned.  For those who have never played Name That Pattern before, the rules are simple: for every pattern I post below, you have to think up a name.  Ideally, you'll come up with names for all the patterns.  If you can only name some, that's fine too, though you won't qualify to win our grand prize: an all-expenses paid, open-ended vacation at Moscow's luxurious Sheremetyevo Airport!

With no further delay, here's Pattern #1.

Take a deep breath, because here comes Pattern #2!

But wait, there's more.  Presenting Pattern #3...

Words fail me -- Pattern #4!

And now the big finish --  Pattern #5!

But wait, there's more!  Our bonus round, for those who appreciate a challenge -- Pattern #6!

Readers, thank you so much for participating in this minty-fresh edition of Name That Pattern.   I'll be posting my answers shortly -- don't forget to post yours!

Stay cool, everybody!


  1. 1) For when you just have to look Fab-ulous in the trenches!
    2) Pajama pants R us
    3) Welcome back to the Flying Nun!
    4) Why bother with a bikini coverup that can prevent sunburn?
    5) hm HM!
    6) YeeHaw! Saddle up, Ken--we gotta rescue Skipper from Dirty Dan!

  2. 1. When you just have to look like you shopped at WalMart
    2. Did the 80s really happen?
    3. Nuns get married?
    4. The next costumer for Bond girls
    5. Another case for letting penguins go extinct
    6. Always knew Ken is gay. Can you say bad drag show?

  3. 1. Mrs. Watson
    2. Hammer Time!
    3. The Wimpole Bride
    4. Mod Chicks Just Gotta Have Fun
    5. Mary Penguin
    6. Yee Haw Junction Function

  4. 1. Peter Pan Goes Haute Couture
    2) Unisex-less
    3) Sally Field's Wedding Gown
    4) Beach Blanket Burlesque
    5) Penguin on Estrogen
    6) Ken, You'd Look Better in the Pink Gingham!

  5. #3 - In the Habit of Getting Married. LOL

  6. #1 - Sherlock Jacket
    #2 - MC Hammertime Loungers
    #3 - Nun at the Alter
    #4 - Beach Blanket Bingo
    #5 - Penguin Cover Up
    #6 - Round Em Up Western Wear

  7. 1. Elementary Dear Watson
    2. Milli Vanilli pants -unisex
    3. Ave Maria dress
    4. Devil in a bikini
    5. Oompa-loompa suit
    6. Howdy-doody Barbie couture.

  8. 1. Boots 'n Caps
    2. Let's Both End it Now, John.
    3. Bride of Christ
    4. Sexy Yet Not
    5. Oy this Goiter!
    6. Wha- No Pants, Ken?

  9. ps - your fancy underwear patterns would be just dandy for global warming days, sir. :)

  10. 1. Roger DeBris does Sherlock!
    2. Last Tango at Sam's Club.
    3. Death of a Virgin.
    4. On the Beach at Zardoz.
    5. Cooking with Blubber!
    6. Barbie and Ken Do Dallas!

    k, the lurker.

  11. 1. Cossacks'R'Us

    3.The flying Nun takes new vows

    5: Tweedle Dee Penguin
    6: Buckaroo Barbie!

  12. 1. Matchy McMatchboots
    2. His n hers perogative.
    3. Bride of Jeebus
    4. See-thru Sal
    5. Penguins on the roofs of London (really, I got nuthin.)
    6. Barbie: From the Rodeo to the Ritz
    6a. Ken: Did you forget to wear pants under those chaps or are you just...never mind, Ken.

  13. 1. Window pain
    2. Line dancing pj's
    3. What do we do with a problem like Maria
    4.gidgit gadgets
    5. Melissa Ethridge is pregnant? Who knew
    6. Woody, is that a snake in your boot?

    1. Sorry its...#3. How do YOU solve a problem like maria. Sorry Sound of Music fanatics

  14. I can only comment on No 3. Vogue What Were You Thinking????????
    Bridal nun outfits are too weird for words..

  15. 1. Sherloquina Holmes on the Case!
    2. Indigo go??
    3. Bride of Christ
    4. The Cat's Beach Pyjamas
    5. Danny de Veto, definitely!
    6. Yellow Bozos of Texas!

  16. I cannot even believe there is a pattern for The Penguin costume. My word. Also, I feel as though those chaps are sans butt covering. And there is nothing underneath?!

  17. 1. Windowpain Print
    2. High Rise, Low Rent
    3. Habit Forming
    4. Cover up for Crimes of Fashion
    5. The Curse of Global Warming
    6. Ken and the Amazing Crack of Dawn!

  18. 1. Baker street walker
    2. Harem scare 'em
    3. Nun too sure?
    4. Sheer hell
    5. Flightless wonder
    6. Ken in chaps

  19. 1) Urban camoflage
    2) Urban eye-catcher
    3) Who needs an umbrella, I've got a wimple

    5) My pillow is slipping
    6) From the ballroom to the ho-down

    Stop teasing Ken, folks, look at the skin tones and you'll see he's wearing brown pants,

  20. 1. Camel Jockey
    2. MC Hammer Pants
    3. The Flying Nun
    4. Beach, Bath, and Beyond
    5. Penguin and Son
    6. A Barbie For All Seasons

    1. Camel jockey...ding ding ding...we have a winner. Spit taked my coffee

    2. Omgosh! I just googled what camel jockey means and I did not mean to offend anyone! When writing the list, I thought the girl in #1 looks like a jockey and she's wearing camel colored fabric. It didn't compute in my head that adding the two together make a derogatory word. Oh geez.

    3. Although I knew the reference....I didnt take it that way. I felt it was was just a goofy play on words.

  21. I don't have a name for #1, but I do have a quote:

    "Watson, when you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be THIS OUTFIT".

  22. 1. Fashion jockey
    2. 80's Pajama party
    3. The Bridal Shroud-- for when your wedding is a time of mourning for the death of your single life.
    4. Can't bear to be covered up "cover up"
    5. March of the Rosie O' Donnell Penguins
    6. Barbie's "Dallas Collection" 1864-1964 edition

  23. Does #1 include a pattern to have your boots match the rest of your outfit? I'm a little impressed!

  24. 1- Sherlock Holmes Ice Dance Line costumes
    2- Zubazz is back, beyotch!
    3- Can I join the Children of Mary?
    4- Swim and sleep- suit and jammies to match!
    5- Danny DeVito-- new American Designer for Butterick
    6- Fashion doll clothes for the LSSGR

  25. I know this isn't the point of the game (which I'm conveniently not playing because I suck at it) but #1 is by Rudi Gernreich, inventor of the monokini, and I swear that is the same woman who infamously modeled it back in the 60s, Peggy Moffitt.
    Thank you for the flashback

  26. It Is Peggy Moffitt, or whoever that famous model is. She's still around. I recently saw her on this fabulous show about these two guys that sell high end vintage. I, too, am sorry not to stay on task Peter.

  27. I'm still chuckling at "Sally Field's Wedding Gown."

  28. 1. Keep digging, Watson
    2. STOP!!! Hammertime!
    3. The Flying Nun's final flight
    4. Josie and the Pussycats do the beach!
    5. Orson Welles' formalwear collection
    6. Barbie visits Hee Haw

  29. #4: Um, it's finally happened; a pattern from the 60s-70s that looks hauntingly familiar.

  30. 1-when draftsmen do fashion
    2-street jammies are so in!
    3-when Nuns wed
    4-not for olympic competition
    5-padding is your friend
    6-obsesive compulsive disorder

  31. 1. WindowPain (yes, I know, but I thought of it without seeing the other entries. Obviously, this is the pattern's true name!)
    2. See 'n' Go!
    3. Papal Dispensation
    4. ButtonDown Beach Devils
    5. Wattle Waddle
    6. Sheriff Ken! The Leather Bar Went Thatto'way!

  32. I've done a bit of research on #1. I'm sorry to say the pattern includes neither the hat nor the boots, but it does include the belt. Too bad.


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