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Apr 14, 2013

NAME THAT PATTERN -- Home Game Edition!

Readers, I'm am thrilled to introduce another MPB exclusive: Name That Pattern -- Home Game Edition (HGE)!

In Name That Pattern! HGE, not only are you competing with other MPB readers, you also get to play against your own FAMILY and FRIENDS* and you can post their answers right here on MPB.  How cool is that?

*MPB cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to personal relationships which may arise from participating in Name That Pattern! HGE-related activities. 

If you don't know how to play Name That Pattern!, it's simpler than simple: provide a clever name to the patterns that I post below.  If you can't think of something for all the patterns, just put down answers for the ones you can.

As always, we have amazing prizes in store for the winner, including a beautiful Mediterranean Magnovox color TV console!

Are you ready?  Are family and friends nearby?  Well go get 'em, because....

-- here's Pattern #1:

At a loss already?  Behold the wonder that is Pattern #2!

Sitting down?  You'd better, because here's Pattern #3!

But wait -- there's more!  Here's Pattern #4!

Keep it coming, you say?  Here's Pattern #5!

Friends, we're almost done.  Every Name That Pattern! game includes a bonus pattern.  Fortunately, the Home Game Edition includes TWO!

And here they are: Patterns #6 and #7!


As always, I'll be chiming in with my answers in the hours ahead.  And remember:  There's no shame in losing if you don't tell anybody about it.

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. #3 get ron jeremy's undies for only $1.00

  2. I could only come up with one and that is for the first one: Oh Caftan, my Caftan!

  3. #1: The human kite
    #2: Smell my butt
    #3: Real men have hair.... everywhere
    #4: Project-must for the OCD mother
    #5: The 3 in 1 trunk/dress/male skirt pattern (would that make it kilt-pattern then?)
    #6: Scare the shit out of your child by placing it at the foot-end of the bed during the night and let the child wake up to the sight of that extremely large doll
    #7: The clown-cow

    1. #6 made me think of "Poltergeist"!

  4. 1) For when you just have to turn into a rhombus
    2) My stuffed bunny turns up her pioneer nose at your air freshner
    3) Why spend $5 on undies when you can make your own from recycled tshirts?
    4) Germ-free whimsy
    5) For that just-from-the-shower feeling at the beach
    6) A doll her size so they can both dance around in their under roos!
    7) Bubble butt cow... isn't that obvious?

  5. 1. Feeling tents
    2. Mousetrap cover
    3. Iron-on tattoos enclosed
    4. Velcro moustache carrier
    5. Granny is off her trolley
    6. Headlice not included
    7. Udder cosy

    NB. The baby is sitting in a shopping trolley. You might call it something different.

    Love from England,

  6. Here are my answers:

    1) Rule, Caftania!
    2) "It's Smells in Hare"
    3) Brief Encounter
    4) Covered Wagon
    5) "Vel-CRO me down!"
    6) Invasion of the Yarn Heads
    7) Gerdie's Guide for Better Mooing

  7. 1. Kute Kaftans
    2. Mrs. Hare Wick
    3. Burt's Briefs
    4. Shopping Kart Kozies
    5. Three's Company Cover Ups
    6. Hello Big Scary Dolly
    7. Mad for Plaid Bossy

  8. #1 " Walk Like an Egyptian "
    #2 I 've got a secret!
    #3. Next best thing to going commando!
    #4. "Don't Leave Me This Way!"
    #5. Charlie's Angels
    #6. Have your own good and evil twins.
    #7. Real cows wear clothes!

  9. Although I enjoy reading the names that others come up with for the patterns, the real game to me is to see one that I already own. Up to today, I've never scored any points for ownership. But today:

    I am intensely proud to announce that I own one of the patterns. Simplicity 8967 has been in my pattern stash at least 30 years. (No, I've never made it.) I had intended to make a doll for my niece when she was a toddler. I wonder how she'd feel about one for her 31st birthday?

  10. 1. Kite string Not Included
    2. I can Smell Her a Mile Away
    3. Tighty Puke-Greenies
    4. Baby's First Straitjacket
    5. The Big Rip-Off
    6. Cabbage Patch Couture
    7. Uddler-ly Plaid

  11. For number 3 -
    Because your budgie needs to breathe!
    (May only work with Australian slang)

  12. there was a potao sack that they used to dress me up in, back in the day; but... 3rd option seems to be the paramutual?


  13. #1. KAFTAN or Arabic Abaya.
    #2.Marry me Gown :D

  14. I'm sorry, I just can't. I'm speechless.

  15. 1. A Dust Cover for Your Woman
    2. Somebunny Smells Good!
    3. Moustache not included
    4. If they could just stay little till their shopping cart-ers wear out
    5. What's THIS in my pocket?

  16. 1 Bits of me are THIS wide
    2 All smells lovely under there
    3 All looks lovely down there
    4 Pretty things to be sick on
    5 Wrapped in misery (wearing this rubbish thing)
    6 I think you have head lice
    7 Most hideous thing in the universe

  17. 1) Mt. Kilamonjaro Muu-Muu
    2) I'm watching you...
    3) Why hello, ladies
    4) Eco-friendly baby absorbent pad
    5) The beach towel snuggie
    6) We're BOTH watching you
    7) Herdie Gerdie-- the perfect gift for your Amish grandmother!

  18. I like Michaels responses :) Me, well, I really have no words! I also found Marsha's comment funny, because I find myself seeing if I own one of these as well. Happily, I can say I do not :)

  19. For the 1st one: Fly Rocky Fly Caftan!

  20. Odds only!
    #1 - Patricia designs unattractive pseudo-tribal patterns too! (Project Runway)
    #3 - Thanks for keeping your kids germs off the cart!
    #5 - I need a pattern to make a towel with a velcro strip.
    #7 - OK. I can't name it. It's just wrong.

  21. 1. Liz Taylor Glamour made easy!
    2. Freshenizer Bunny
    3. Mark Spitz, briefly.
    4. Shopping cart security blanket
    5. PareOh!
    6. Valley of the Rag Dolls
    7. Udderly covered from neck to toes! (would also work for #1.)

  22. 1. 1 Size Covers All
    2. We're Infested!
    3. Tom Selleck's Undies
    4. What to make for your friend with a new baby because you know she doesn't have time to!
    5. For the sunscreen impaired
    6. Homemade or handmade? It's easy to tell!

  23. 1. Tarps for the self-tanned
    2. "is that renuzit up your skirt, or are you just happy to see me?"
    3. mustache not included
    4. protect your child from germs AND taste!
    5. Look shower fresh all day!
    6. These giant dolls will be your only friends.
    7. Please put me out of my moo-sery.

  24. 1. Love triangle
    2. Rabbit Habit
    3. When tight is not enough...
    4. Buggy Hugger
    5. Fun with Dick & Jane & her sister
    6. Captive audience
    7. Cowabunga

    This was fun--dee

  25. #1 looks like Night of the Living Kite.

    The others just leave me bug-eyed and speechless. ;-)

  26. and my son says that last one is the Bride of Eyore.

  27. 1. Let's go to the ball! Football, beach ball, soccer ball and badminton shuttlecock patterns included.(Starla didn't quite understand the theme.)
    2. Fresher Morlock
    3. A pickle of a pattern
    4. Tumescent covers
    5. Orange you glad I didn't say bananna?
    6. Jane Goodall's beginner grooming dolls
    7. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy the easy way

  28. 1 - wiggle room wa-suitsy
    2 - Phffft-gora
    3 - The manti-gurdle
    4 - who ya kiddin cozy
    5 - uni-sential cover
    6 - invasion of the dolly snatchers
    7 - send in the cowns
    This was too much fun : )

  29. 1 - my sleeping bag is too small!

  30. Here goes-
    1. Casbah catastrophe
    2. Stinky Rabbit
    3. Basic Boudoir
    4. Kiddi Krazies
    5. Wrap me up, wrap me down
    6. Triplets by another mother
    7. Mooooing on up to the east side

  31. Love this!
    1. I believe I can fly.
    2. Lepus, fresh us.
    3. you want a piece of me?
    4. A cage would just be............. inappropriate.
    5. Beachy peachy
    6. IVF failure
    7. Gonna need another beef recall..........

  32. 1) Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend
    2)Country Charm From the Farm presents Restroom Rabbit or Bathroom Bunny
    3)*MPB* Male Pattern Briefs
    4) First World Baby Buggy Cover
    5) Beach Blanket Bingo...It's a Wrap
    6)My Size Cabbage Patch Kid : My Size Barbie met Cabbage Patch Ken
    7)Mad Cow Crafts, How Now 80's/90's Cow?


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