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Mar 29, 2012

Jeans, Jeans, Roses are Red....

Readers, the first time I sewed myself jeans, I was over-the-moon excited.  Can you see the look of pride on my face?  (This was early September, 2009, and I had only been sewing for a few months).  I wore those pants to death.

Last May, I led a successful Jeans Sew-Along, and that was fun too, especially because I made myself (and Michael) white jeans, which I've since learned I'm much too much of a slob and lazy launderer to wear.

Today, as I prepare to whip up a new pair of indigo jeans, I'm....well, let's just say I'm not quite as enthusiastic.  It's always fun to start a new project of course, but jeans are jeans.  (Am I the only one who still uses the word dungarees?)

I already have my topstitching thread, an assortment of which always makes a pretty photo. 

Some people like to use a combination of golds and blues; I'll probably stick with the golds for the visible topstitching and use the blue for other seams; we'll see.  I may run out and buy a darker zipper, not that it matters, since it won't be visible.

I haven't decided on my pattern yet.  I have a number of vintage patterns (I used Simplicity 5048 for my very first pair of jeans, though it required some tweaking as the yoke is a little too wide for my taste and the pattern doesn't include back pockets or normal jeans belt loops) but I may use my TNT Kwik Sew 3504, which I used for the Sew-Along last year.

I know once I get started, I'll start feeling the love -- I haven't sewn for over a month.

 I'll most likely be using my Singer 201 for most of the job.  I usually set up two machines when I'm sewing jeans, one for topstitching thread and one for regular thread.   The second machine will likely be either my Featherweight or Singer 66 treadle. 

I still haven't done anything about my other pants, the ones with the big rip at the knee.  Maybe I'll feel inspired when I'm working on these jeans.

Meanwhile in maternity land...

Readers, I consider myself a decisive person, but I had a terrible time making up my mind about which maternity patterns to purchase.  The ones I liked most were often not near the correct size, or way too expensive.  Call me crazy, but I just can't bring myself to buy a pattern for $25 in the right size when it's going for $5 elsewhere in the wrong size.  I'm not naming names but I find some of the vintage pattern vendors who maintain their own websites to be awfully expensive (especially compared to Etsy and eBay).  Cathy is only going to get to wear this outfit for, what, four or five months?  Of course, it's conceivable (no pun intended) she could find herself in this situation again, but let's see how motherhood suits her first. 

I ended up opting for the Lucy rather than the Jackie; it's just more fun.  Here's what I picked up (disregard the sizes, these are just the best photos I could find).

This will be a light spring coat.  Look familiar?

And this will be the main outfit.  I decided I simply had to have that back pleat and front gathers -- so classic Fifties.  I miss Advance patterns (which were the J.C. Penny house brand), don't you?

Readers, I could talk maternity all day and I know many of you could too, but I must get to work.  Tempus fugit!

In closing, just how excited do you get about sewing jeans -- 1) very very, 2) just very, or 3) not-so-very very?

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. I am very very excited right now to finish my first-ever pair of jeans. They are orange, which is exciting in itself, and self-drafted, which adds that element of fear and suspense. But I can imagine that my enthusiasm might fade if I were to make several pairs in the same color. We will see.
    I can see why you fell for the Advance outfit - it's beautiful!

  2. You are not the only one who uses the term dungarees. I don't consider any pant that is not fitted to the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs to be jeans. Most of what the young adults were wearing during the early to mid 90s I in fact consider kulats.

  3. Jeans...they scare me. I have the pattern; the topstitch thread, the jeans-a-majig, the jeans needles, the zipper, the 'how to' dvd and the machines at the ready but have held of buying fabric...because then i'd have to start on the project. I have the desire but not the bravery. I really need a cup of 'just get on with it, will you!'

    Call me a chicken if you will...i won't argue LOL

  4. Is Cathy a girl in trouble?

    1. Somebody hasn't been keeping up with current events. ;)

  5. Sounds like Cathy girl got on with her bad self! Shamless! But now, let's not be haters! There is the baby to consider. LOL!! I too am CHICKEN about sewing jeans.

    My daughter is preggers, if only she would dress like Lucy!!

  6. I'll bet you would get more excited by sewing jeans for your adorable domestic partner, Michael.

  7. I had a jeans sewing binge years ago before joining PR and I was too chicken to make them tight enough to get the proper fit. Now I can't be bothered...
    Hmm jeans for Michael might be an idea, or maternity jeans for Cathy lol

  8. I am halfway through a pair of purple jeans, the last garment in my SWAP. All I need to do is put the waistband and beltloops on and I just can't get myself motivated. I could have finished them last Saturday, but I decided to watch Moonstruck on television instead. I took about three weeks to decide on topstitch thread and pocket design and I know I will enjoy them once they're finished, but I'm just lacking the motivation for that last push. Keep me motivated, Peter! Show us your fabulous jeans and I'll feel guilty about not finishing mine.

  9. I've now made two pair of jeans (dungarees! I love that word!) One from a Kwik Sew pattern and one from the ever popular Jalie pattern. I was so excited when I made both. I'm planning more pairs and teaching a class at the store where I work to bring the joy of making jeans to others.

    As a mother of two who had to endure the 90s as a pregnant woman I'm a little jealous of dear Cathy's impending time of confinement and the fashions she will get to wear. All I had were leggings and tent tops. I will have to look through my big box of vintage patterns to see if I have any 50s or 60s maternity patterns I could send to Cousin Peter to help a girl in need out.

  10. Those old torn jeans need to be allocated to the duster pile - or binned! Do not waste any more of your precious time trying to decide what to do with them - they have served you well and now you need to move on...

  11. Jeans - I can't be bothered to sew. On the rare occasion I need new ones I order a dozen or more pairs from a mail order catalogue that offers free returns, try them on at home, and then keep the one or two pairs that fit me and return the rest.

    I guess dungarees is one of those words that doesn't have the same translation on both sides of the pond. On this side dungarees are jeans with a bib and braces (suspenders). I think you call them bib-overalls over there.

    I think if Cathy is "in trouble" then she should suffer as my mum did and only have one maternity dress for the last three months - wash it every night and hope it's dry enough to wear in the morning :).

  12. I must admit, I've been putting off sewing up a pair of jeans since, oh, Christmastime. I need to re-work my TNT pattern a bit, partly because the denim I have in mind is less stretchy than my usual, partly because the old pattern is getting just tattered, but it's been just enough of an obstacle to stop me cold. Of course, I'm kinda easily stopped right now.

    I think the key to keeping jeans interesting is creativity in the details, but yeah, that requires more effort, too.

    As to the torn knee---before Christmas I would've cut such pants off or just binned them, but the(vintage) machine I got for Christmas does free-motion mending, which, while not as pretty as a patch, is much easier to do and quite a bit of fun, so now I will mend rips like that. To my children's dismay---they'd much rather have the grunge look.

  13. Do another jeans sew-a-long if that would make the project more interesting for you. Or have a contest if that appeals to you more. Whatever it takes to get the old creative juices flowing....

  14. I am sewing jeans as well. Not quite as far along as you, but almost. I love doing topstitching as well. I am doing mine on my vintage Viking whose number I've forgotten.


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