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Apr 6, 2011

Scary girdles and other new acquisitions


As you already know, readers, I live near the Chelsea Flea Market and like to stroll through on weekend mornings.  When I'm searching for something specific I am super-focused; otherwise I just amble and see what finds me.

Last Saturday, I was in amble mode (aside from a necklace for Cathy, which I found, thankfully).   At $2 a pair, I couldn't resist these dead stock foundation garments.  So comfy looking,

I hope none of you are still wearing these except for the occasional bedroom romp.

I'm always on the look out for gloves, and Cathy will rock these red ones some day.

Two new $1 patterns; the Vogue is a keeper.

Still mourning la Liz, I magically stumbled upon this old Harper's Bazaar from 1983 -- spooky!

I was reminded how Eighties the Eighties really were: boxy coats, black paired with bold color, big (BIG) hair!

Meanwhile, thanks to eBay, Ken and Allan have some new clothes!

Cute, no?

Yesterday while walking the dogs, I found this little Taschen fashion book: a condensed version of a larger two-volume edition showcasing highlights from the Kyoto Costume Institute (for sale on Amazon here).

As beautiful as these photos are, I prefer to see clothes modeled on women of the period.  (That's why I'm such a fan of Marsha Hunt's The Way We Wore).  I like context.

Friends, we're out of time, not to mention space!

I hope that whatever new acquisitions you're welcoming into your lives, you're tossing away twice as many.  That's the goal for us here at Male Pattern Boldness and if we don't always live up to it, well...nobody's perfect.

May your foundation garments keep you cool and comfortable on these sunny spring days. 

Happy Wednesday, everybody!


  1. Oh you LUCKY guy - and Cathy too! She'll look abolutely stunning wearing those red gloves! I'm a sucker for vintage & lingerie - and you've found both!

  2. I love the gloves and the vintage patterns, but girdles I gave up a long long time ago. It's a good thing that I don't live within walking distance of a flea market. It's too much temptation.

  3. Do you think Cathy will wear the 'Delighform' bustier/bra or the black pointy Madonna-esque one? Great finds. The red gloves go so well with her existing wardrobe. You really do live in thrifting heaven!

  4. I love the bustiers. Wow..if you don't plan to hang onto them...they are big sellers on you can always find them a home.

  5. THAT'S the word I couldn't think of this morning: bustier!

    I don't think Cathy has the willpower for any of those... ;)

  6. They're longline bras! And they're fabulous! I would wear them everyday, not just in the boudoir. Pair them with those girdles and you've got yourself one fantastic hourglass shape. Will Cathy be modeling lingerie now?

  7. I think that's where we draw the line.

  8. The books you found - I can't believe you can FIND such great books in the trash - are wonderful. I loved the '80's. It was a great time to buy clothes and the hair! I had that big hair and I didn't have to work at it either - for once in my life there was a short time where my naturally curly hair was not only in style but envied by many - thanks for the stroll through the past.

  9. When we cleaned out my grandmother's house we found my great-grandmother's corset from the first decade of the 1900s. Lucky finds, it's hard to find old lingerie in good condition.

  10. Sunny spring days!!?? Gosh, we don't expect sun and warmth until june or july!! We are dying for some sun!! Send some right away!!

  11. I love long line bras! I have a very hourglass figure and when I put on some foundation garments I feel like, like. Well, like the evil city woman from I love Lucy, which is where I got my blog name! And with the cones on that bra I would set out to rule the world, or at least poke someone in the eye...

  12. I spend my Sunday mornings at the flea market here in Agnano -- I call it going to Amass. Sometimes it's just photos of interesting accumulations on the vendors tables and not purchases that I bring home. I also love to chat with the sellers -- I'm as much a fixture now as they are -- we've bonded. And, like everything you've shown here, the unknown history of these things intrigues me beyond their utilitarian or decorative value . . . I'm always wondering what secrets these items hold. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I inherited from my grandmother a girdle/short with garter clips- HOT PINK...there is also a matching bra and slip(that i can't find)... They are amazing!

  14. Great finds! I particularly like the charcoal bustier, and it's pretty elastic.

  15. New reader, new sewer, but old-timer here.

    As a teen of the 80s, I remember these hairstyles. And because I lived them, I saw nothing wrong with them. :) These styles didn't look out of place to me!

    Were women's boobs bigger back then? That first piece of lingerie looks more like a medium than a small.

    Hello from San Francisco!

  16. Maybe they are the old garments that my Uncle stole from my Aunts. He was the Uncle that when we knew was coming we had to hide our unmentionables, wings, makeup and anything else that he could squeeze into.

  17. I really envy a woman who can fill out one of those bullet bras. I would have to add balloons or at least a box of tissues to that bra just to keep it up; or maybe stuff it with snacks and a crossword book for long walks in the park. What did women do if they had no breasts to pour into those bras? Pointy falsies? Sigh, the vintage me would have been a very flat me.

  18. OMG. That grey brassiere. Love.

  19. A bit of trivia from the corsetry front: that conical Gaultier bustier that Madonna so famously wore was almost fully padded. (No one has breasts that shape - I don't know what bra designers were thinking in the fifties!)

  20. Cheryl Tiegs in the turquoise and red. She and Christy Brinkley were the 80s.

  21. I still wear such undies, especially girdles anchored to stockings with suspenders. Years ago I became dependent so try to get me out of my girdles if you dare! I love the girdle front panel ramming in my belly, and my arse being held like in a vise.
    I seriously LOVE nylons on my legs, still good, too!
    I HAVE to wear 4" heels as well, flat shoes hurt!
    Guess I've become somewhat of rarity LOL.


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