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Dec 25, 2010

Mens Leopard Print Pants for Christmas!


OK, how cool are these pants?  I can't wait to wear them to Paris Fashion Week!  A Hollywood PremierDrinks in London with Madonna!  Fabric shopping.

I think they more than live up to their inspiration, don't you?

Whoops, wrong photo!


Friends, I have learned that Star of Tomorow Garrett Hedlund's leopard print pants are by none other than Givenchy for Spring/Summer 2011!  (I knew there was something vaguely Audrey Hepburn-ish about them.)  I am so on trend.

The resemblance is uncanny -- to the pants, I mean.  I'll have more photos of them next week.

Here are a few construction shots.  They weren't hard to put together despite being cotton velvet.  I used my Singer 15-90 treadle for the topstitching and, since my 15-91 needs to be rewired, my Pfaff 139 for everything else.

Do you believe it: me on a zigzagger!


And speaking of sewing machines, you're not going to believe this, but yesterday I sold my seventh sewing machine.  Yes, my Elna Grasshopper now belongs to Daniel, the hippest-looking hipster out of Bushwick, Brooklyn, right down to beard and jeggings.  A perfect match of man and machine. 

Readers, I have no more vintage sewing machines to sell, well, if you leave out my cursed Huskystar serger, and leave out is probably what I should do with it -- in the snow.

So you're probably wondering what sewing machines I have left.  OK: I have my Singer 15-91 which needs rewiring, my Singer 15-90 which is now my treadle, my Singer 66, which used to be my treadle, but now has the motor from the 15-90 attached to it.  I even found a way to attach the lamp -- clever, huh?

Then I have my Pfaff 139 which until the leopard print pants project I hadn't sewed on in a long time.  She's strong and speedy.

And finally, my beat up Viking 3240.  I use her primarily to wind bobbins and insert invisible zippers.

That's it!  Five sewing machines and my Brother 1034D serger.  When I downsize I really downsize.

Friends, that's all for today.  I hope those who celebrate it are enjoying a very Merry Christmas.  I leave you with a little Deanna Durbin, who captures the Yuletide spirit in uber-glamorous close up as she sings Silent Night into a telephone receiver.  It's good to be Queen of the Studio!

Cheers, everybody and see you on Monday.


  1. Peter, the pants turned out brilliantly, & they look super cool on you! I just LOVE them!
    so to all those naysayers, here's the proof that leopard pants can look bloody brilliant on a guy!
    WAY TO GO!!!!

  2. Splendid pants, Peter! Do you have enough left over for the thong in the first picture?
    Happy Holiday of Your Choice!

  3. Thanks, Mazzygirl!

    KC, I can make TEN thongs! LOL

  4. Congrats Peter, the pants look great! You really have the talent to find out fast the trends!

    Happy Holidays!

    (from Germany)
    P.S.: By the way, I have not seen yet this Pfaff model here. I have an all-metal model 96(1971).

  5. Merry Christmas, Peter! I'm on my way to bed, having just finished making the last present and stuffing the last stocking.

    Your pants look great! What kind of interfacing did you use in them? I'm hoping for more construction notes after the holiday.

    Laura (who has just about decided that being a Grinch next year might be more fun that the sewing marathon she just finished 30 minutes ago!)

  6. Peter your pants look fabulous on you. Have a wonderful day. Jane

  7. Peter, I have to admit when you first started talking about making leopard print trousers (I can't bring myself to say pants because the word has a whole other connotation to me) I thought you'd finally lost your marbles, or were heavily sampling the Christmas sherry. I was totally wrong, they're WONDERFUL! And you look fabulous wearing them.

    Here's hoping you and your trousers have a wonderful day. Nadolig llawen!

  8. Flippin Fantastic! Good for you Peter a bold choice which paid off brilliantly. The long thin legs really help, wish I had some.

    You proved an inspiration to me I just had to have some animal print of my own. Purchased a bold animal print knit on Sawyer Brook yesterday for a top. Honestly don't think I would have given it a 2nd thought if it hadn't been for you.


  9. The pants look fabulous . . . and what a festive way to celebrate! Thanks for all the smiles, laughs, oohs, and ahs this year. You rank up in the top ten of 2010 discoveries for me. Cheers to more fun and MPB sewing adventures in 2011!

  10. Smashing, absolutely smashing. I am a sucker for anything leopard. Swoon!

  11. For a minute there I thought Santa had brought you more than just pants!
    Love your leopard duds. Merry Christmas!

  12. They suit you SO well! I love them paired with a simple v-neck too. Well done Peter!

  13. They look fantastic! Merry Christmas, Peter!

  14. They are fab!!! What's the next sewing project??

  15. Way to go, the pants rock...ummmm,,, I mean you rock! Congrats!

  16. Oh Peter, you are awesome. Love the pants! So glad the grasshopper found a soulmate.

  17. ok.. I'm sure others will find inspiration in your pic as you found in the one you kept thanks to you that one is outdated;)

    going for fabric shopping in them you said? I'm sure salesmen will entice you with more animal prints;)

  18. Peter, those pants are fabulous! Merry Christmas :)

  19. You look so happy with your pants, makes me feel happy too!

  20. Brilliant pants is right. They are fun and fabulous!

  21. Peter, You really pull those pants off. Er, you know what I mean. You look cool. Merry Christmas to you.

  22. I'm really drooling with envy about the pants :-). Just smashing!
    As to machines, you might consider leaving the nasty serger on the sidewalk. After all, you owe the sidewalk a lot :-). And could you look someone in the eye and sell them that thing, or even give it to them?

  23. I am so glad that you ignored all the anti-animal-printers and forged ahead with your fabulous feline pants. They are, if it is possible, both HOT and super-COOL. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  24. Looking hot in those pants, Peter! (Fabulous photography by Michael in that first shot. He's becoming a regular Mario Testino.)

  25. Well done, Peter. Those pants are sooo YOU. I'm still lobbying for dog coats from the scraps...

  26. Those pants look really great!!! LOVE THEM!!

  27. I'm totally in love with your pants and I can't wait for my fabric to arrive!

  28. The pants would be awesome with a matching hat, like something that Sly Stone would wear.

  29. I can't believe I'm so behind!!! I love these more than I can even describe. Your sewing looks great, but you look even better with them on!!


  30. dayem. wish i could sew. i'd like a pair of mens snow leopard print pants.


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