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Aug 15, 2010

A time to rend, a time to sew....

It's Saturday at long last, the end of a long, hot week.  You wake up to the image above and a sense of dread sweeps over you.  But then a friend invites you out to do a little flea market shopping.  You really shouldn't; there's so much work to be done here at home.  The BurdaStyle project, the suit project....

But still, so tempting...

Freunde, I ask you: WHICH would you have chosen?

I chose to spend the day with my sewing machine hoarding friend, Johanna.  And boy, did we have fun!

We visited two different flea markets and just look at some of the things we magnetized:

It must have been in the air that Johanna was coming, because readers, there were a TON of sewing machines for sale -- more than I had ever seen there before!

Every time you turned your head, there was another vintage straight stitcher!

Needless to say, smart shoppers that we are, we didn't buy any of these but rather generously left them for others who may not already have collected their ten-plus sewing machines yet.  Aren't we good?

After lunch at Kinokuniya -- or was it before; it's all such a blur -- we hit Daytona Trimmings.  Johanna wanted to see what patterns they sold there.  (We also popped in Parons, where you can find the latest sewing magazines for sale, but I forgot to record the moment on camera.)

Daytona has a largish assortment of patterns actually and they're cheap -- five for $10! -- but mostly out of date (though too new to be vintage) and bland, bland, bland.  But they have an amazing selection of ric rac and more embroidered trimmings than you've ever seen in one room.

Back at the apartment, I let Johanna take my White "Fair Lady" out for a spin, and she was quite impressed, though she did agree that the little lady has a bit of a weight problem -- can you say hernia?

We also played with my trash-salvaged Brother LS2125 zigzagger.  Such fun!

Michael made us all dinner -- summer-squash faux lasagna followed by chocolate pudding -- yum!

So what was my take for the day?  Very little, my friends.  I have become a very, very, very selective shopper of late.  But I couldn't say no to these vintage tan nylon gloves -- with original tags attached -- for just $1!  Cathy's going to love them if she can ever get them away from Willy.

And now friends, it's time to deal with this.  I can't put it off any longer.

I hope your day will be more fun than mine.  If you remember, do keep me in your thoughts or light a candle or something.  It's going to be a long Sunday.

See you bright and early on the morrow!


  1. Am intrigued by much of what you do in the needle arts department but in this post... Must ask what is faux lasagna?
    Hope the Burda day goes well. Sew strong, sew hard...

  2. fiberchick:

    I assume "faux lasagna" is squash sliced and layered with tomato sauce and cheese and then baked.

  3. Candle will be lit all day for you.
    St. Michael..who helps with sewing.
    Just kidding, but he does help with fixing things. So ask for all the help you need. It works for me. :)

  4. Thanks, Sassy.

    Anonymous, you are correct: faux lasagna uses thinly sliced summer squash (of which we have an overabundance)instead of noodles/pasta. Delicious!

  5. Pedrito you made the right choice. Priorities must be observed. Eat dessert/hit the fleas FIRST.

    Here in San Diego we will keep you in our thoughts all day.

  6. I cannot believe that you and Johanna were able to control yourselves around those machines. I'm shocked and impressed.

  7. flohmarkt, naturlich...did I spell that correctly? Fun even if you just look.

  8. Ooh I just bought almost exact same machine with table (in your flea pic's)on ebay! Not yet seen it as my parents collected it!
    I too would have chosen the mooching around! I am sure once you get onto your dress it will be simple ! May the force be with you :) Jo

  9. Obviously word has got around flea-market-land that your local flea market is THE one to flog vintage sewing machines at!!

  10. Ohh Cute pic of Willy!
    I am jealous of all the wonderful habby shops you have at your disposal. Aren't old machines just so PRETTY?
    Well done on holding back getting more machines. Good luck with all the sewing and may the force be with you.


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