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Aug 1, 2010

Cathy models the 1942 Hollywood Dress!

Friends, it's no secret that Cathy and I have been somewhat on the "outs" of late, especially now that I've insisted she start wearing her glasses instead of bumping into streetlamps and saying "Pardon me."

Luckily, my identical cousin embraced my 1942 creation right away and even agreed to wear it with some slightly more shape-enhancing foundation garments. "Do it for the boys" I told her and, inspired by the period, she agreed.

So here's the results of our little photoshoot.  I should mention that, perhaps more than usual, it deals with adult situations, so parental guidance is suggested.  A few of you might want your kids around to explain what your parents can't.

As always, to see these photos full-size, please click on any image and then, in Picasa, choose "View All" in the upper left hand corner, and "Slideshow."

 So, what do you think?  Are the forties Cathy's decade?  (The 1940's I mean, of course!)

Please leave any other messages you may have for Cathy below.



  1. What a beautiful, beautiful dress, accessorised and modelled to perfection. I'm sure Cathy will resolve her romantic dilema with the style and elegance she brings to everything else.

  2. Oh Cathy, your prince will come soon, I'm sure! You look so beautiful and elegant in that darling outfit.

  3. I'd definitely give it a go with Brenda :-). Although I'm allergic to dogs.. Could she switch to poodles perhaps?

    Great dress! Possibly your best so far, for me. I have a couple quibbles with the accessories though. The point of a turban was to cover up hair completely , since shampoo was unknown for half a decade (not to mention the lice problem). So it should have not just been a headband. I was totally titillated the first time I read about that in Deirdre Baird's bio of Beauvoir.. And veils go with hats, not ever with turbans. Small hats are OK, fascinators for instance, but there needs to be structure for there to be a veil.

    That said, I -adore- the polka dots with the dress. Too classy. Nice shoes too.

    I can't wait to see the undies post though. Rubber was impossible to find during the 40s, not so much a problem since hardly anyone but black-market profiteers could spare any body fat to make them necessary.

  4. Coming out of faithful lurkdom to say - fantastic photo shoot! Cathy's makeup is immaculate as always, too. I'd say, go for Brenda. Cathy can always elope with the dogs if Brenda turns out to be the Wrong Sort.

  5. No WONDER my head has been itchy all day!

  6. Cathy does look great in the 1940's dresses. She pulled off the 20's rather well too though. I love the turban on her!

    Tell Cathy to keep looking--don't ever settle.

  7. why must she decide between the two?

    Cathy is a modern girl - can't she have both?

    It looks like Sidney can satisfy her financial needs with a minimum of...errrr...physical contact (the parking episode be damned - he looks rather mature for Cathy to be worried about possible side effects), and Brenda can satisfy the primal urges that a woman gets from time to time...

    Even Cathy's world need not be so black and white :)

  8. Oh, this is Cathy's best look, and shoot, yet! She looks fantastic. And yes, though her version of the turban isn't particularly historically correct, who says Kathy has to be? I think it looks wonderful - she's a modern girl and can adapt any look any way she wants. I think it looks wonderful!

    The only thing I would add would be some pearls...Cathy really needs some pearls!

    And I agree with Binkydoll - as a modern girl, she can have both...or more!

    Great job, Peter - keep up the wonderful work!

    Oh, and I really liked the "busy" glasses on Cathy...they suited her!

  9. Loved it! Hmmmm Brenda did not feel like the perfect match for the lovely Miss Cathy. I think she needs to keep looking, the streets of NYC must be filled with possible prospects for an elegant dame like her.

  10. Cathy girl, I say keep looking. Maybe you can find yourself a good plumber so you don't have to be reading those nasty books! No girl should have to take care of her own plumbing!

    Oh, and you look hot in that dress!

  11. Cathy! You look so beautiful! Always go with Love Darling, never settle for less!

    ps a little more skin in the next dress. Please ;)

  12. Cathy's gotta get herself some of them newfangled contraceptives :-) Thank goodness it all worked out. Can you imagine how your sewing skills would need to morph??

  13. Lovely dress. And Cathy--hold out for Mister... or Ms. Right. (Whatever floats your boat.) That's what I'm doing. Though on my more pessimistic days, I figure that he's not coming, 'cause he's been run over by a mack truck!

  14. You made my morning.

    My favorite slide is 12. Great photography.

    Cathy should skip the men and women and go straight for the pups.

  15. I love the dress . . . and agree that Cathy should not settle . . . let the romantic intrigues continue. And the turban/veil combo looks very fetching, whether not it is historically accurate. BRAVO!

  16. Hi Cathy,
    Great dress and photo shoot. You look smashing!! I say always hold out for love...nothing else is worth it. Perhaps Peter should make you the same dress with a short sleeve in navy print.

  17. Dear Cathy,

    lover's grief? If you want to forget Sidney there is only one recipe: 30 men in 30 days ;-) Although you might find that after ten of those days you already feel better ...

    Dress is nice but I think a bit too bourgois for you - something is missing. Your small waist perhaps? Just a little bit more of skin? More colour? Anyway, you look great in it and you should be very, very grateful: Peter's done a great job as usual and I think it is time for you to do something for him. Knitting a scarf, perhaps? Or do I have to this for you?

  18. Give it a go with Brenda! You should always give Lady Love a try!

  19. Dress is really very pretty. It doesn't scream "forties" to me, I think because the fabric is so light. I like it better that way. I also noticed the veil with the turban (?) and the shoes which don't even come close to the time period. It doesn't matter though, because the ensemble is very very nice. I think Cathy looks good in black--and in red lipstick!

  20. Lovely story once again. Cathy truly is a remarkable woman - such poise.

  21. I simply had to comment and say... That last slide (the black and white of Cathy looking in the mirror) is STUNNING! Great photography, and a great look for Cathy. My favorite so far, I believe.

  22. Okay, I thought the roaring 20's were Cathy's perfect era but I now must say it is the 40's. And her ease and panache prove it. Just lovely, enviably lovely.

    And such CUTE lil doggies!

    So now to that question.

    Rather than face the kind of shock and horror belle Catherine faced, what would I do, you ask?


    (If I hadn't gotten fixed as soon as I was legally able and if I dated, which I don't.)

    Oh thank you very much for the droopy draws shot there Petey! Is that a hint that you want Michael to break out the paddle?

  23. Ohhh I love this outfit on Cathy! Well done Peter!
    I think Cathy should be good at fixing her own plumbing, then she doesn't NEED anyone and can enjoy her time with whoever takes her fancy.
    BTW: Peters outfits for Cathy are not exactly SUPPOSED to be PERFECT are they? I see plenty of women that could do well to follow Cathy and Peter's style sense anyway.

  24. I second everything the last lady said! And Peter, I am so impressed that you have been sewing for only a year! Inspired by you and your recent beginners' tips, I have yesterday opened up my brand new sewing machine and stitched some practice lines on some old bedding. Not very exciting, I know, but I am so happy to have started up again for the first time since school about 20-something years ago! Thank you!

  25. Cathy looks lovely. You can't go wrong with black and white, so crisp and alluring on a summer day. I'd say a nice big black straw hat with a white bow or flower, and the illusion of black tulle to top it off!

    Cathy dear, here is my romantic advice. It is clear from the shots with the dogs that your heart is full of love and the YOU are loved too! Let yourself be loved. And let go of looking for heart throb(s). *They* will find *you* as long as you leave the house in your delightful fashions. Meanwhile, make sure that you are excellent company for yourself (and Peter of course). I know that your heart is on fire, your passion for life glows with your every step! Remember dear, let yourself be loved! No need to accept facsimiles!

  26. Maybe Cathy could have a poll on what type of contraception she should use. On a more sincere note- I love the turban with veil. Cathy is a trendsetter, not a character in a historical drama.

  27. I love Cathy's photoshoot. I think Cathy should keep looking.

  28. I have to say that this is one of my most favourite outfits that Cathy has modeled. She looks utterly divine!

    Cathy, doll, keep on looking!

  29. Ooooh, the turban is fab! Delightful slideshow as usual. Brava!

  30. Loved the dress - it looks wonderful on Cathy! The turban was a really cool addition to the ensemble.

    When do you think the swim suit set will be ready? I'm looking forward to seeing it!

    Loved the slide show...looking forward to seeing what's next!

  31. Another tour de force! I'm going to send Cathy some condoms and a rice paddy hat.

    Also: Team Brenda!

  32. Gertie, she was USING a rice paddy hat at the time -- it must have leaked! ;)

  33. By all means Cathy must NEVER settle. She must look for ways to keep herself busy, and enjoy life ... but never get involved with someone so she doesn't have to be "alone". It's possible to alone in a crowd and there are worse things than not having a partner.


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