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Jul 17, 2010

Now With Real Beef Taste!

Greetings, dear readers!  I'm back from vacation and delighted to be with you once again.

Are Michael and I the only ones who travel with our own steaks?

I hope you have enjoyed "The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band" in my absence.  You don't know what I'm talking about?  Didn't I mention that that was your assignment while I was on Fire Island?  No worries.  It's deadly dull and I like watching Lesley Ann Warren do a bad Julie Andrews imitation.

But enough about snooze-worthy Disney movies.  You probably want to hear about my vacation and see me in all those lovely outfits I stitched up for myself. 

My cabana set was a big hit, at least among the five other people in the Fire Island Pines last week.  Michael wore the striped stretch knit I made him nearly every day.  In fact, I'm sick of it!

The weather was good -- mainly sunny and hot though we did have some rain.  Our accommodations, which we shared for the early part of the week with a student of Michael's and his partner, were lovely, just steps from the beach.

The dogs really thrived and it was great to be able to let them run around off leash.

Of course, I still had my Ipod Touch so I was able to follow the blogs -- though I've learned that people will resent you when you comment from a chaise on a breezy beachfront patio with a glass of cold beer at your side no matter what you write.  When in doubt, just say I love it.

I also caught this article in the NY Times about how well French women age.  It's dreadful in so many ways but the reader comments are spot on!

BTW, did you see Shelley's gardenia dress?   How fantastic is that?  Some women were born to wear vintage DuBarry!  Love. It.

Anyway, it's great to be home.  I am not very good at doing nothing so beach vacations are always a little boring to me, frankly.  I miss my sewing machines...and YOU.

There's more vacation pics here for fans of canine cavorting and mouth-watering photos of home-cooked meals.  Except for coffee, we didn't eat out once.  We're fussy and there's no place to eat, really.

Hope you had a great week and did a lot of sewing.  What are you up to and does it involve a serger and clear elastic?

Catch you all on the morrow!


  1. Glad you had a good time and how did you know I have been working with clear elastic and my serger? Are you psychic? Nothing for me at the needs crib sheets. Wardrobe sewing for our trip to England to welcome aforementioned baby to commence soon!

  2. So glad you're back. We were not well without you, but we did not bring our own food.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time, even if you all only changed twice. I guess that is a good thing about vacation--no one cares if you stay in the same clothing for days at a time.

    The dogs look happy. Lovely.

  3. I'm glad you skewered that NYT article a bit. I thought it was complete nonsense -- as if French women were somehow another species!

  4. Mwah!! That poor fellow on the beach with no cabana set of his own. Now I need to wipe down my monitor, tenkyewvellymuch.

    Curious - why was it so deserted there? Not that I would've minded one bit.

    Thanks for all the photos. Great times had by all. Dogs running on the beach unleashed, good food, wonderful surroundings, and Michael never changing his clothes. Does he do the cooking, because I noticed a lot of penne too. ;-)

    Welcome back. You were missed.

  5. Hi there! Welcome home. It looks like you all had a great time.
    Your outfit, and Micheal's looks great (too far away to smell it here).
    Hope you settle in at home soon. I am planning and packing for a week in a paddock starting tuesday for the war and peace show, so no sewing for me either - I have cut out a dress but that is as far as it will get until I get home.
    Hope you settle back in at home fast

  6. Gosh, after that story a few weeks ago about the maggots on a plane from the rotting meat in someone's carry on, I sure hope you don't make a habit of traveling with your own steaks! LOL Welcome back!

  7. Hurrah, you're back! I've missed reading your daily journals.

    Have meat will travel?

  8. What a fun time! It's nice to have a break.

  9. Glad you're back, Peter! I've missed your daily entries. Good to know you had a nice, peaceful vacation. :)

    As for what I've been up to, well... I started my entry for the Sewing for Children contest. I'm making a lovely 1946 princess seamed dress for Evie with 1948 undies to go underneath. I've told her that it's her "princess dress" and it should have really nice twirl in the skirt. I'm adding the embroidery designs after dinner tonight and starting doing that. Honestly, it's about 2/3 sewn together just to have the right places for the embroidery in one piece! I still have to cut out the undies, because the correct size pattern just arrived today, but I should easily make the deadline. Just need some green ribbons to match the dress for Evie's hair and we'll be good to go for pictures.

    And I have just won a vintage Dritz bound buttonhole tool off ebay for $0.99, too! (Okay, it was in a large lot and with shipping, it and all those notions will actually cost $10.98, but who's counting?)

  10. What am I up to? I'm obsessed with Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel.

  11. I missed you terribly -- which no doubt comes as a shock since I've never commented before. Looks like it was a fabulous vacation . . . I bought a Brother 1034d serger on eBay in your absence . . . awaiting it's delivery as eagerly as I awaited your return from Fire Island. Ciao bello from Napoli.

  12. *clears throat* I should say.... The underwear I'm making to go under the dress is from that pattern I sent you with the toddler girls' version of your WWII undies!

  13. Aw what a swell vaca you had. Love the happy goggies.

  14. Peter! We Missed you over here.. Glad to see you are back! Looks like you had wonderful fun and ate well.. :)

    You are psychic.. I have been working on a knit top with clear elastic in the neck edge so there is less gape and I can wear it too work without incident.... What is the trick with that slippery unyeilding stuff?!!

    Thanks for the link to Shelley's beautiful dress.. Wow! That dress deffinately has Diva Power.. :)


  15. Welcome back. All of you look happy and rested. Thank you for posting that interesting article about French women. OK a lot of it was well worn cliches but during my travels in both Paris and Rome I was thrilled to see that in Europe it is not a crime to be female and over forty-five. Style in all its permutations from elegance to eccentricity is more notably seen on mature women there. I loved it.


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