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May 19, 2020

A Mask for Cathy + MORE!

"Don't let Covid kill your glamour!"

That's the message my cousin Cathy wants to convey to all of you during these challenging times and I can't think of a more suitable person to express it.  Cathy begged me to make her a few masks to match some of her favorite outfits and I agreed.  She allowed me to snap this quick portrait as she was prepping for a très soigné outdoor cocktail party she was attending. Cathy's so haughty these days that keeping her social distance comes naturally.

Meanwhile, I have also felt inspired to whip up a few more matching masks. The results are much less glamorous than Cathy's rose print, but nevertheless fun and quick to sew up.  I continue to use the free Dhurata Davies pattern, with a few tweaks I covered in my previous blog post.

The lemon print shirt and matching mask!

The Wizard of Oz-themed poppy-print jacket and matching mask!

The poppy-print mask is lined in a contrasting black and white quilting cotton.

The color-blocked summer popover shirt and matching mask!

Michael's octopus-print shirt and matching mask!

The red, white, and blue cotton canvas jacket and matching mask!

And last but surely not least, the Singer Featherweight shirt and matching mask!

The matching Featherweight mask is lined in cotton gingham, repurposed from one of my very first sewing projects, boxers I made for Michael which were so badly sewn he never wore them!

Boxer from 2009 become mask in 2020!

I am very glad I saved so many fabric scraps from previous projects. I still have a lot more outfits to match!  By the way, we don't always wear our masks with matching ensembles: we like to mix and match (see below).

In closing, if you're wondering when I'm going to start sewing more than just masks, I think the answer is soon.  In the meantime, however, I'm riding my matchy-matchy mask mojo!

PS - Here's an article from Vogue all about finding stylish masks.  Are they as nice as mine though?  

Have a great day everybody and stay healthy!

Cathy way back when: carefree and mask-free!


  1. omg, cathy's outfit with the mask at the top is TO DIE FOR (not literally, please). and that octopus shirt mask is great... i love the placement of the octopus front and center. : )

    1. And the Featherweight, don't forget the Featherweight

  2. Oh my, this just cracked me up. Keep having fun! The world could use more of it.

  3. I just adore them all! And they're worn with such panache!
    I tried to stitch the pattern you enclosed but was sidelined by the angled seam at the bottom of the Center Front. You have such a nice horizontal seam (dart) that the chin sits into, but I can't for the life of me make that happen. Is there a demo pic you have that you wouldn't mind sharing? Many many thanks for all the inspirational projects!

    1. Miz Nancy, I've had trouble getting that bit to behave itself, too! My curved dart fits my chin better than a straight one, though, so am learning to live with that version. Am learning that the shaped masks are much friendlier to my face ... I feel as if a gentle lover is cradling my chin and cheeks. In the cold spring of 2020, the extra warmth is also welcome. Not sure how I'll feel in August in North Carolina in a double-layered mask.

  4. Loving you right now because of your fashion forward response to the pandemic. Your leftover fabric during quarantine is "good to the last drop!"

  5. He who seeks to put "the blur of youth" somewhere in his summer,

    Cathy is all rhinestones, roses, and fur, and we are collectively better for her.

    The underwear resurrection/re-purpose is the most unlikely trajectory of 2020. You must have a controlling interest in that rare piece of real estate where shock value meets useful.

    And lastly, Michael has enough on top to venture into a summer ringlet curly perm. Ya can't deny he has a "Blue Lagoon" vibe underneath that metro-go-getter lacquer. Sail away to Thunder Island, it's time for a cool change.

    Just call me your "Life Stylist",


  6. loving the matches and glad that Cathy is keeping safe....her haughtiness is her superpower - thanks again for sharing your link to that pattern and tips on making. I ended up making a bunch to send to friends in germany and here in ireland as they really are a nice fitting mask

  7. I think Cathy is the first person I've seen that actually looks totally glamorous with a mask! An inspiration to us all.

  8. As always, your work is beautiful. Thank you for pointing me in the direction to Dhurata Davies mask pattern. It is by far the most stylish and comfortable of all the patterns I've worked with and wear.
    On a side note - I really enjoy your writing.
    And on an unrelated side note - I sort of miss wearing lipstick.

  9. Loved Tim Gunn's comment that he was going with the standard blue mask because he didn't want to have to worry about coordinating his mask with his outfit when he was dressing to go to the corner market. We all know just how he feels!! LOL

  10. Presently knee deep re-making all the masks I made and shared up till the discovery of the Dhurata Davies mask. thank you again! Trouble getting my pals to measure then text to me the nose to chin measurement. This is the best fit yet. Mine stays away from my eyes so much better. Thank you Thank you! Besafe everyone, Namaske! to all

  11. This made me smile right when I needed it. Thanks!

  12. Love Cathy's cats eye glasses, Are they vintage? I love your text and your sewing projects!

  13. Love these! They are all just so fun. Makes a bad situation just a little more cheery, which is something I think we could all use right now. :-)

  14. Your masks are the best - by far! Thank you for the link to the pattern. I've made three so far, and will be making more ...


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