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Dec 30, 2017

My Final Sewing Projects of 2017

Can 2017 be ending already?

My calendar tells me that is indeed the case.  I've been very busy sewing these last few months, for myself and for others. Here are a few of the projects I've been working on.

Up top and immediately below is one of my favorite sewing projects of all time.  It's a black faux fur coat I made for myself which I finished just last week.  I'm not exactly sure what animal this fur is trying to imitate but it doesn't matter -- I love the look and feel of it.  I've only worn it a few days and already a number of people have mistaken it for real fur.  Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing!

Many years ago, an MPB reader sent me this wonderful red poly-rayon (I think) Chinese brocade.  It had been sitting in my stash since 2010.  I finally used it to line my coat.  Sumptuous!

I made two of these interior single-welt pockets: one for my phone and one for my wallet.

You can read more about my faux fur coat and see plenty more pics over at the Mood Sewing Network here.

I'll be making another fur coat, this time for Michael, using fabric I purchased today.  This fur has shorter, denser hair and has a salt-and-pepper look -- is it faux horse?  The lining will be this lustrous poly brocade.  I think they coordinate beautifully.  The lining cost more than the fur, believe it or not, but sometimes that happens.

I made two snuggly shawl collar cardigan sweater jackets recently, one for my mom (who wore it to our Thanksgiving dinner, below) and one for my SIL, Prachee.

For both of these, I used my tried-and-true unisex, vintage Seventies cardigan pattern, McCall's 5267.  I actually wrote about making my Mom's sweater for the Mood Sewing Network here.  My Mom, who lives with us, will turn 88 next year and is doing great.

I've been taking on much more private client work this year than ever before and that's the direction I will continue to move in.  I love the creative challenge involved.

While I'm not blogging as often as I once did, I do post daily on Instagram  If you don't already follow me there, please do!  I find Instagram to be more immediate, more spontaneous, yet still is conducive to interesting discussion.

In closing, readers, I wish all of you a very healthy and happy new year, and I look forward to sharing my sewing adventures with you in 2018 -- maybe not every day, but I'll be around.

Thank you for all your continued interest and support and happy sewing!


  1. It's fun to see the pics on Instagram, but I miss the blog and the discussions. I hope you will find the time.

  2. Absolutely love the cardigan on your mum. Thanks for another great year of blogging and instagramming.

    Wishing you, Michael and the gorgeous Sylvia peace and good health in 2018.


    1. With apologies to the gorgeous Sonia - no idea who Sylvia is ...
      Stupid Spud :(

  3. OK, that's IT. I've been sitting on yards of Ralph Lauren faux leopard (that I picked up from fabricmart a zillion years ago), looking for inspiration and your coat has pushed me over the edge. Except for one thing: the coat I am going to reproduce is my mother's fur-lined raincoat!! I'm not sure where she got it or why she got it, but she wore the heck out of it and loved it to death, so that's what I'm going to do too!!

  4. thank you for the update: i guess i'll be forced to go to Instagram... Feliz Año Nuevo!

  5. Sonia and Prachee in 2020!!!!

    [If'n ya see Senor King, in passing or by appointment, let him know he will not be asked onto the ticket again. The body politic has it's roving eye set on The Lappin Dynasty to take over - kindly see what you can do to facilitate the transition.]

    Now, onto you.


    Peter, blog when you are able, and pass the communal cup filled with Kyle's Kool-Aid (I'll be clutching a copy of InstaGram, just to keep in touch).

    You make everything look possible, fulfilling, and smartly styled - this faux fur coat is no exception.

    Between there (IG) and here (MPB), hopefully your tribe will continue to convene (I treasure the people you attract).

    Best in 2018 to you and all of yours,

    One of your FANS!!!

  6. So happy to see a post from you today! Your fur jacket is fabulous. I so enjoy your blog and hope you will continue for many years!!! Karen

  7. Thank you for another year of good humored, great sewing and a nice dose of positivity. You move from strength to strength, my dear. All the best to your family for the new year (and the ones after that)

  8. Very happy to see a new post from you. All your projects look wonderful. I love all of them. Post when your able. HNY

  9. Have missed your posts and I don't do Instahram, so I guess I will have to be satisfied when you do post. Lovely coast and sweaters. Happy New Year!

  10. Fake pony skin for Michael's jacket, and it looks great. Happy New year Peter I have really enjoyed your posts especially when you are doing the courses at FIT your skills are at couture level now. Good luck with the commissions I am looking forward to seeing what happens in 2018.

  11. Your fur is just beautiful and I look forward to seeing Michael's too. Have fun in your new career I know you will do very well.

  12. Thank you for the update. Yours is my favorite sewing blog. Off to figure out Instagram...

  13. That's it - you have inspired me, yet again, to finish up unpacking the sewing room and the 1st project up is a luscious faux fur jacket.
    Love to all your fam and a happy 2018 to all!

  14. I'm a luddite and do not understand instagram etc. I miss your posts and have learned a lot from you even though I have been sewing since about 1960, on a treadle. I switched to serger thread on my machine because of you and have not been happier. I love to hear about Michael and your mother. Sorry you will be elsewhere.

  15. Your fur coat is gorgeous and that red brocade fabric is stunning. Beautiful coat.

  16. Your fur: either black bear, or muppet.

    Michael's fur: dog? badger?

  17. Happy New Year Peter! Your latest garments are jaw-dropping! Looking forward to seeing more private client projects!

  18. Happy New Year! Thank you for posting a picture of your mom. I was thinking about her the other day and wondering how she was doing. Love her new cardigan you made for her. She has her own fan club!😍😍

  19. What a way to finish off the year. The coat is absolutely perfect and looks good on. I tip my hat off to you sir...Very Nice Job!

  20. Happy New Year to you and Michael, and your mom, and the Chihuahua’s too! Always enjoy your posts, even when I have nothing to add in the comments. You are so inspiring.


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