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Aug 27, 2013

NAME THAT PATTERN: End of Summer Edition!

Friends, it's late August and the days are already getting cooler -- and shorter.  Before you know it we'll be turning back the clocks and wearing long underwear.

While we still have time, let's play another round of the sewing blogosphere's favorite pattern-naming game, MPB's exclusive NAME THAT PATTERN.

The rules are simple: I post photos of patterns I've found online (these are not from my personal collection, btw), and you have to give them a name.

As always, we have some fabulous prizes lined up for our winners, including two weeks of dog-sitting Freddy and Willy -- at your house!  With no further delay, let's play NAME THAT PATTERN!

Grab your pencils -- here's Pattern #1!

Need a bathroom break already?  Here's Pattern #2!

But wait -- there's more: Pattern #3!

Now something for the guys: Pattern #4!

Finally, our last pattern, Pattern #5.

But wait!  As always, we have a BONUS PATTERN for those who feel especially creative (and competitive) -- Pattern #6!

Readers, thank you so much for participating in another round of NAME THAT PATTERN.  As always, I'll be playing too, but don't wait for me: get your answers in ASAP.

Good luck, contestants!


  1. 1. If you have some poop, now is a good time to throw it!
    2. If you feel the burn, girls, give a hollar
    3. Mutsy galore
    4. And we would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for those meddling kids
    5. Married at 12
    6. Who's got short shorts?

  2. My imagination is pretty weak after a busy day, but I can't wait to see what you come up with! Love these contests of yours.

  3. 1. (I am rendered wordless....)
    2. Jane Fonda takes on L.L. Bean
    3. Why dogs bite their humnans: v. 5
    4. Undercover brother
    5. Little Women
    6. SockItToMe! SockItToMe! SockItToMe!

  4. 1. Animal Arses
    2. Home Gym? Home Sporty Duds!
    3. The Wizard of Paws
    4. Irish Step-Dancing Positions brought to you by Sweaty Polyester-Clad Teen Boys in Grampa's "Snazzy" Shoes
    5. The Sunbonnet of Shame
    6. Hips Don't Lie

  5. 1. Does this diaper make my a** look fat?
    2. Buns of steel, frozen neck.
    3. A Dream is a Poop Your Dog Makes (or "Whistle While You Pee")
    4. One Day-cron At a Time
    5. Laura Ingalls asks Scarlett O'Hara for a makeover.
    6. Hot Pants Hullabaloo!

  6. 1. Scat that
    2. That's sew Jane Fonda
    3. Doggone it Disney
    4. Paisley Prince
    5. Hats off to History Class
    6. Girls of Cosmo, Spring 1975

  7. 1. Zoo Poo Revue
    2. 80's workin' it gear
    3. I have no life, but my dog is a Disney princess
    4. The Mr. Furley Collection for young men
    5. Sister Wives Fashion Bonnets
    6. Hipsters in Hot Pants!

  8. 1) Happy nappy inc.
    2) Oops, upside my leg
    3) Aw come on!
    4) Why yes, these pants ARE Lycra!
    5) Uh oh, hoodie in da houzz
    6) Hi Bosley, hey Charlie!

  9. 1. Feeding time at the zoo.
    2. Body-con (it's a con if you think you'll look this good in a leotard).
    3. Who let the dogs...erm... I mean princesses out?
    4. Teen boys
    5. Head-turners
    6. 1/2 yard wonder shorts

  10. I actually own #5 - I needed to make a snood for a historical costume pageant a few years ago and this pattern was available then. I think I still have the snood somewhere. Interesting to follow their instructions!
    What exactly IS #3 a pattern for? Not the leotard, surely? Maybe just the sweat bands and towels and the tote to carry them around in?

  11. #4 - starring Peter Bonerz as Dr. Jerry Robinson

    Who is playing Password? I recognize Allen Ludden but no one else.

    1. The women look like Ann-Margret and Carol Burnett. Carol's partner looks like James Mason. Not sure about AM's partner.

    2. Oh, Peter, your facial recognition is not good! I think you are wrong on all points. I think the man on the right is Stacy Keach. I tried to enlarge the picture, but I couldn't manage it. We should have a contest to name those people!

    3. Tom Selleck w/Carol Burnett. No one else has those dimples.

  12. #2: Who moved the fire hydrant?

  13. I have nothing clever to offer, but we had Pattern #6. My mother used it to make me a hot pink blouse for junior high glee club in 1971 or so (our color scheme was maroon blazer, hot pink blouse, black skirt). She liked the convertible collar style. We never discussed the shorts.

  14. I'm terrible about coming up with names for these contests, but my chi Romeo would love to have Freddy and Willy come play with him for 2 weeks.

  15. I googled James Mason and Password. The still is a match for youtube video - the "stars" are James Mason and Jane Fonda. The episode is from 1962.

    1. Good work! I suspect the two others are just regular contestants.

  16. #1 Barn Swarm
    #2 The Getaway
    #3 Fairy Paw Prints-cesses
    #4 Mystery Machine Recruitment Tour '73
    #5 The Scarlet Letter Opener
    #6 "We Wear Short-Shorts!"

  17. 5) Uh oh, hoodie in da houzz
    This one rocks!

    Can I change my answer for #1 to "Beavis and the ButtHeads"?

  18. 1. Bite Me
    2. Kinda Fonda Fonda
    3. ASPCA Most Wanted
    4. Wanna Dance?
    5. Tonight on Masterpiece Theater
    6. Teri Garr – The Early Years

  19. #1: What's up? Chicken butt!

    #5: I'm in the mood for snoods!

  20. 1. Bum Steer - or - Face Plant!
    2. Calling Jane Fonda...
    3. Their Eyes Say It All
    4. Hip to be Square
    5. Coulda, Woulda, Hooda
    6. Charlie's Angels Tryouts

  21. #1 Beasts of the Bottom
    #2 Feel the 80's Burn
    #3 DUI - Dogs Under the Influence
    #4 Teen Boys' Foreveralones in Three Versions
    #5 Lookin´Good in Snood
    #6 Life is Shorts!

  22. 1 Bum Pals
    2 Fonda Fonder
    3 Animal Cruelty
    4 Pulling Pants
    5 What Katy Did (before marrying Michael Douglas - look where that ended up!)
    7 Charlies Angels (minus guns)



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