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Sep 28, 2011

"Out with the Old, In with the New" + CONTEST!

Readers, I'm not a fan of dogmatic people, and I would hate to come across as one.  My Daily Ditch© method of personal transformation does create miracles, but it's important to allow a few things into your life, too -- otherwise, you'll have nothing left to ditch.  Think about it.

I'd been very curious about Claire Schaeffer's book, Couture Sewing Techniques, and finally decided to treat myself -- not only to a copy, but also to the latest edition, something I normally wouldn't spring for.  It's so nice to read a sewing book that isn't full of Eighties fashion, do you know what I mean?  I'm not going to discuss the book today, but it's a beaut.

On Monday, I received a mystery box in the mail.  Fortunately, it wasn't ticking.

Readers, as you know, I sometimes link to other blogs or wax enthusiastic about something, but it's never to benefit myself -- at least not consciously.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the box to discover this fabulous tomato pincushion -- a gift from Sunni at A Fabulous Stitch for....I'm not sure what; I must have mentioned her here at MPB, hopefully not in a disparaging way.

Folks, if MGM's Gilbert Adrian designed a pincushion this would be it -- am I right?

I must say that while I'm more accustomed to your standard hothouse tomato pincushion, Sunni's is a full-fledged beefsteak.  Seriously though, this vegetable -- or is it a fruit -- is so charming, I'm loath to stick pins in it! 

But that's not all!  Thoughtful Sunni also sent me this beautiful adjustable dog collar!

Actually, don't tell Sunni, but I think I'm going to use this as a wrist pincushion.

Now it wouldn't really look right if now I said, Go buy one of Sunni's pincushions, which you can purchase here or here, so I'm just going to thank Sunni and leave it at that.

And now onto The Daily Ditch©.

Today's theme is Name That Jetsam!

Friends, I can't remember why I ever bought an RF Modulator, but it had something to do with hooking up an old DVD player (which I no longer own), to an even older TV (which I no longer own).  Today I will no longer own this RF Modulator.

Why, oh why, did I have this sitting around?  Hopefully it was a gift. 

Or this.  Don't their songs all sound the same?

I found this black plastic wand sitting in a cabinet and had no idea what it was. 

But I figured it out -- behold!  Why do I own two cheap tripods?  Later today I will own just one.

And now for our contest:  Readers, please identify one of the following items:

The winner will receive...nothing!  You wouldn't want to go against the spirit of The Daily Ditch© would you?  Actually, you will enjoy the pleasure of being right, which is all most of us really long for anyway.

In closing, friends, wherever you may be sticking your pins, I hope this day will be an enjoyable one for you.

Seriously, what is that pale jade plastic thing -- do you know?  I do!


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  1. Agh, you tossed a Steely Dan CD away? For shame. But I guess we can't all like the same music, right?

  2. The jade thing could be the voice box from a talking doll or other toy. As for the other thing -- it gives me the creeps! It looks like a cheap camera strap being attacked by a filthy gang of velcro creatures.

  3. OMG, Etherealpr, you guessed right! WE HAVE A WINNER!!!

  4. i LOVE sunni's pincushions!! they are my favorite, i hope to buy one someday. someday!

    the RF modulator is cracking me up bc i seriously just bought one a couple of weeks ago. my TV is about 10 years old & my blu-ray player wouldn't hook up to it. thank god they still sell those things!

  5. Oooh those pincushions are cute. As for the black stuff in the last picture, those are wrist protectors for skating.

  6. I think the second thing is a broken wrist protector for rollerbladers. The wedge shaped plastic thing looks like the slider that keeps you from landing too hard on your wrists.

  7. Swoosh, you guessed it! WE HAVE ANOTHER WINNER!

  8. Dorothy, you guessed right but they're actually not broken.

  9. Yaaaay! Those were my favourite part of skating when I was growing up.

  10. I'm going to get more specific and guess that the first item is from a Tickle Me Elmo doll! It looks familiar in a very bad way...

  11. I would never have guessed either of those. I really hope that doesn't mean that this is a reverse contest, and that I won.....something.....

  12. Leigh -- you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!

    I'm in awe...

  13. I am so impressed. I stared at those items for some time and could not even narrow it down to animal, vegetable, or mineral.
    Now what I want to know is where is Elmo and why is his voice box at your place?

  14. I bought that on Monday! I'm being good and reading the history at the start instead of going straight for the sewing bits.

  15. Love the pincushion dog collar--thanks for the laugh!

  16. Seriously, how many people have dismembered a Tickle Me Elmo? That's a bit creepy if you ask me ...

    Steely Dan songs all sound the same? BLASPHEMY!

  17. Another Steely Dan fan wants to drink scotch whiskey...and die behind the wheel.

  18. THAT'S the song all the other ones sound like, Jane!

  19. Thanks for the laughs as always Peter! I needed 'em!!!

  20. Pin cushion dog collar- now THAT is brilliant. Steelydan- oh the torture!

  21. I really must train my rabbit to allow me to put my (Sunni-made) wrist pincushion around his middle so he can deliver pins to me no matter where I am in the house! ;) (I think this may mean buying several hundred pounds of rabbit treats to train/bribe him. Which would result in a rabbit far too fat to strap the pincushion around. Oh dear...)

  22. Till I looked at the spoiler movie I was thinking that the pallid plastic box was probably a widget for cutting vinyl strips that you could use to cover plastic lampshades!

    And I had my (older edition) copy of Shaeffer on the desk when I logged on tonight.


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