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Jul 29, 2011

I'd rather be sewing!

Friends, I have to be honest.  As much as I enjoy the occasional break from my normal routine, I'm not a vacation person.  It's not that I don't appreciate a change of scenery, I do.  But generally, after a day or two of fun in the sun, I am ready to get back to my strapless cocktail dress project or whatever I'm working on at the moment.

Apropos of cocktail dresses, I recently received a somewhat troubling email from a male-identified reader, who basically accused me of false advertising in my tag line, "The world's most popular men's sewing blog."  He has unsubscribed, "primarily because [MPB] is really about making women's clothing with very few exceptions."  He says he loves my enthusiasm and my "delightful writing style," but apparently that is not enough to keep him.

Readers with or without penises, I cannot deny that I sew women's clothes, but since I am myself a man, I consider everything I sew to be men's sewing.  Perhaps some will see this differently.  Regardless, having dedicated all of February to men's shirts, as well as many weeks to jeans, men's pajamas, toggle coats, etc. (not to mention Guy Week), all within the last six or seven months, I feel I'm giving my XY chromosomed readers their money's worth.

(I do offer a full refund within six months and if this person had read the fine print before commiting himself, he might be awaiting a rather large check.  Oh, well.)

On a somewhat related note, in a moment of perverse curiosity, I happened to Google  "World's LEAST popular men's sewing blog" and I was shocked at the result! 

Poor Debbie....and she tries so hard, too.

But back to my vacation.

It was very relaxing and mercifully brief.  I do enjoy the beach but I am not a beach person.  I don't like to get too much sun and while I enjoy swimming in the ocean, the whole experience is a bit of an ordeal, what with the sand, the sunblock, the shells, the salt, the surf, and the occasional man-eating shark.  Fortunately, there were no jellyfish.

Fire Island, a barrier island off the coast of Long Island, is very lovely, but there is nothing to do there, not even a Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum.  That said, I'm glad I went and Michael and the dogs were in their element.  But me, I'm happy to be back in the sweat shop.

I am sincerely hoping to finish the strapless cocktail dress in the next few days and then, hopefully, move on to something more masculine.

Anyway, enough about me.  What have you been up to since we last communicated and where can I read about it?  Unlike many other bloggers, I love it when my readers link to their blogs in their comments and only wish the invitations came with coffee and cookies. 

In closing, friends, I ask you: if you have a blog, do you ever find yourself sewing things specifically for the blog, or do you just sew what you want to sew and blog about it, readers-be-darned?

Should I sew more men's clothes?  Do you think there's more interest in sequined jockstraps or animal print thongs?

Tell me!

More vacation pics here.


  1. Morning, Peter - I too am not a beach person and avoid the 'sitting on the sand and turning into a lobster' activity as much as I can. Since we last 'spoke', the DH and I were in the UK where, when we went to Cornwall (which I recommend, by the way), we walked down to the beach to see the WWII pillboxes. After which, we said to our wonderful hosts, "Lovely beach; cup of tea, please..." Do I make things specifically for my blog? Well, yes and no. I admit that many times I think of projects I'd like/need and the thought does enter my head - 'oh, this will make a great post,' but to do 'programming' for the blog? I think the cooking parts of the blog are more of that sort of thing. I'm not going to make, for example, a sleeping bag or a set of luggage simply because they would make great posts. However, after experiencing what a totally useless piece of goods my socalled raincoat is while we were in the UK (waterproof, my a**), making a raincoat is in my future for sure. And yes, that will make a very nice set of posts for the blog.

  2. Sew whatever you like, please. I love your tagline and agree that everything you sew can be legitimately considered part of your blog. Since you can't please everyone, you can at least please me, lol.

  3. "since I am myself a man, I consider everything I sew to be men's sewing" I like this attitude. The division between men's and women's clothing (or names or haircuts or anything) is arbitrary. I wear jeans almost every day so why shouldn't men wear skirts if they please.

    On the other hand, resources for sewing men's clothing (in the normally understood sense) are scarce so I can see why your reader was frustrated.

  4. Welcome back!
    While you were away I refashioned a men's shirt into something suitable for a music festival. Due to an unfortunate ticket situation though (I didn't have any), I had to pretend to attend Glastonbury this year...

  5. Hey Peter, I just sew what I want to sew but I don't really have so many readers so I'm not sure if that would be different if I did. Sometimes I'll do a Sew Weekly challenge or sew for a contest but that is still only when I want to so just what I want. I can barely get myself motivated to sew things that need to be sewn to fill a specific need so I can't begin to imagine sewing something I didn't really want to make just for the blog. I think it would be hard to keep the joy if you did too much of that.

  6. You can't please everyone, but I'd say the near 1200 other subscribers are happy. I know I am. Reading your blog has almost given my identical cousin (who happens to be a drag queen) the nudge to model on my blog. (S)he loves Cathy, btw. :)

    Since we last spoke I've moved all the way to Germany. After buying a sewing machine from a merchant who spoke no English (that was an adventure) I am back to sewing and planning my fall wardrobe. Apparently the summers aren't that long in Frankfurt.

    Feel free to come browse the blog. There's tea, and the cupcakes are almost finished baking. :)

  7. You could pull a theme from a hat and blog about it. "World's most popular ______ (chimney sweeping) blog" and it would still be fun.

  8. I am proud to announce that I am teaching my 9 1/2 and almost 11 year old SONS how to SEW at their request. We are working on pillowcases to be followed by tote bags. I just blogged about it. I've also been working on some cool embroidered hoodies (with a Star Wars theme b/c that is the obsession in our house) at my 6 year old son's request. ;-)

  9. Poo on the nay-sayer! I love your blog, and your post coming around on newsfeed on Facebook each day is THE best accompaniment to my coffee I can think of! Plus, you're an hour ahead of me, so I'm just sitting down w/ my first come when you come by (altho, I do tend to notice when you're late)

    Poor Debbie. Don't you love her? she's FANTASTIC! She's the cause of the majority of my blog traffic, b/c I'm on her blog roll. Fame participates in the trickle-down theory.

    I feel the same about vacations: a REAL vacay would allow me to work uninterrupted for as long as I'd wish. AHHHHH! That said, we're headed to the beach for two weeks. God help me.

    Here's my blog, altho I think you've seen it already, It's called Macaroni & Cheese. I have tutorials for sewing techniques, and some free patterns.

  10. Hi, Peter! Glad you are back! Your vacation pics are great - makes me want to go to the beach. But only for a day or 2. I agree with the "ordeal" part.

    I enjoy everything you write about. You can't please everyone, so just keep doing what you're doing!

    I have been sewing a skirt JUST FOR ME! I can't believe it. Since I started my blog last fall, I've been sewing just for it. I teach beginner sewing, so everything is VERY basic.

    My blog is - Come visit!!

  11. Hi Peter and family...your vacation photos are fabulous. I love your dogs. Everyone, even you Peter,looked like they were having a good time.

    Your blog is most excellent.. exactly the way it is. I hope you are sewing and blogging to express and please yourself first. Your sewing tutorials, tips and Cathy's fashion shoots are fantastic. Please don't take to heart the negative comments of one frustrated, unhappy person.

    My blog is the main focus is vintage sewing machines, quilting and sewing projects. However, I can't be me without including a few favourite recipes (Créme de Menthe Cheesecake with Chocolate Glaze), important family events (kids' weddings), antique furniture, weather events (Brandon flooding) and yard photos. I love taking pictures, sewing, golfing, wine making and writing. My goal for 2011 was to blog once a week, but life got in the way. Now with our daughter's wedding over I hope to get back on track. In June, I sewed a lovely white corset with boning and a red ribbon tie-back for Shannon's wedding dress, as well as pocket-chiefs for the groom and his men made from the bridesmaid dresses. I also sewed two red satin and lace garters. Unfortunately, time was at a premium none of these items were blogged about. I didn't take a single photo of the corset not even on the dress form. Sheeeeesh!

    I read your blog every day and you lift me up. Thank you for being the world's most popular men's sewing blog.

    Welcome home and have a super duper Friday.

  12. ooops.. three of the four bridesmaid dresses were shortened. I made the pocket-chiefs and garters from the fabric that was cut off the dresses.. not from the actual dresses. LOL

  13. I would be overjoyed if you sewed and posted (about) more clothing for men. There is a dearth of information and resources for creating men's clothing....vastly fewer patterns, blogs, and role models!

    I sew men's clothing for myself...and I am a butch dyke. I sew women's clothing for my adult daughter, and children's clothing for my grandchildren. It is super easy to find resources for everyone except for moi!

    In my day job, I write the blog for Britex Fabrics at

  14. I sew and write about whatever I want when I want. I would link you to my blog, but apparently it's so unpopular that you'd just be bored silly.

  15. I love your blog Peter, no matter what you are sewing! If you would like however to sew more male oriented garments, may I suggest some childrens wear? What you don't have children?! Well may I suggest my brood of 4 boys as beneficiaries of your sewing talents! Feel free to send them any garment you have sewn and they will model it with pride! Project Runway winner Jeffery Sebelia recently came out with a line a boys clothes, maybe it's the on trend thing to do! Anyways, I wrote a post on my novice little blog this week about sewing for boys with some fabric and pattern reccomendations. You can check it out at Besos!

  16. I am bored by Fire Island as well. Haven't been since my youngest was about 2 and only because I had visiting relatives who love the beach.
    We were in Santa Monica for a wedding and I managed to actually finish my outfit with time to spare.
    Back to sewing boring and I am convinced that I will finally make a blouse out of some gorgeous cotton I bought with Claire Kennedy.

  17. But Debbie, you came up FIRST. You WON the category!!! ;)

  18. I can't speak for the rest of the world, but you are certainly my favourite men's sewing blog, whatever you sew. And I'm willing to bet yours are the world's most popular sewing associated chihuahuas.

  19. my goodness. people can get so in-your-face about blogs. it's a blog. without wanting to sound too much like the anti-censorship crowd re: television, take it or leave it. readers are readers, not customers (imho some blogs really jump the shark once they start catering too much to their readers' whims).

    and since you've been gone (cue k clarkson, or a franklin), I've been busier than I can handle, and looking forward to some sewing time. I've decided to devote my next month of sewing to easy-peasy projects, esp to get a handle on my new serger (a brother 1034d, bought in part under your influence).

    And I've recently started a blog: It's brand new - only three posts so far. But, I did post about my finally completed Negroni shirt here: There's another version I've made him, with pearl snaps, which he loves. Just have to get some pics...

  20. your post title reflects my sentiments exactly! and i totally agree with Jacki's idea of uninterrupted sewing! how fun! i dont have much readers on my blog, i blog for my sewing (things i like and want to sew) and really trying to get back into the writing process.

    still the world's most popular men's sewing blog no matter what anybody says!

  21. OMG what an attitude! I think he needs to get a sense of humor.
    Don't let his negativity gnaw at you. Poor man doesn't realize that whether you are sewing for male or female, sewing lessons are to be had right here at MPB. Along with a good dose of smiles, if not giggles and outright raucous laughter.

  22. omg. I love that first photo--how happy is your pups!! Ah, Fire Island--a nice escape from the city! Welcome back! We missed you in the blogosphere. Since you've been gone, I've been working on a 1939 dress channeling Alfred Hitchcock's 39 Steps (complete with movie re-enactement photos) and an early 1940's sailore dress--ahoy matey! swab the poopde....wha? oh, a bit carried away :)

  23. We're leaving on our summer "vacation" later today and I must admit I'm debating whether I can justify taking the sewing machine with me ;). Probably it's not a good idea as our vacations are actually jam-packed visits home where we try to cram eighty bazillion friends and relations into two tiny weeks of time. Plus two birthday parties and at least one trip to the lake.

    As to your dissatisfied reader... well, what was that quote about pleasing all of the people all of the time?

  24. I don't have a blog so I sew what I like. I'm happy just to read other people's blogs and I don't know how you all find the time to write them!
    I prefer sewing to going away for vacation too, but that is an option which is not bound to be popular with the husband and kids!
    BTW, I saw Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" and thought of your blogpost about 1920's fashion. There were so many gorgeous flapper dresses, now I want to sew one!

  25. OMG Peter I miss reading your posts this week! I'm presently laid off from work because I work at a school and the students have summer holidays. I've been doing a lot of cover letter/resume writing, dreaming about finding a full-time job where I, dare I say it, might be able to take vacation time in the fall, my favourite time of the year.

    I wouldn't change your blog for anyone... I think it is perfect (and genuine) the way it is.

    And sewing. I too would rather sew than tan. I sew about blogging and other things slip in there too like being denied the Project Runway premiere last night and my diminished interest in the show. But I do like Tim.

    I'm new to the blogging thing but I like meeting people in blogland that share an enthusiasm for sewing. On the blog I have a pattern giveaway going on... you can find it at

    Anyway, happy sewing!

  26. I've long enjoyed reading it as 'the world's most popular man's sewing blog' and who is going to argue against that! really!

  27. OMG! That reader has no idea what he will be missing! Your blog rates right up in the number one spot for me! [regardless of chromosal differences!] I sew both mens and womens clothing [for dh and myself!] so love reading about anything that is your current project! And your writing style and wit always leave me feeling good and with a smile! Simply put... stopping by your blog helps to make my day!

  28. Oh my, I should finish my morning coffee before heading into the blog-a-sphere! I meant to type "I blog about sewing" instead of what I wrote "I sew about blogging"!

    Oh dear.

  29. Take it as feedback; one person would like to see more stereotypical men's clothing explored on your blog. It doesn't sound like he was nasty about it, "delightful writing style" just doesn't sound abusive to me. So take it for what it is worth, a wish, a hope, an attempt to find more of what he wants to read by a writer he likes. A compliment, in a way.

    That said, this is *your* blog, a way to express yourself and share your enthusiasism for *your* projects. You are a man, sewing. You also highlight other men doing sewing, knitting, and such in your blogroll. So I think you have it right, that it is by definition "men's sewing".

    For me in particular, I'd probably read most anything you write. Even if it was about sewing for gerbils. Love your verve!

    There was a small, secret part of me that hoped you and Micheal were on your honeymoon; what with the timing and all...

  30. Now you've done it, google is now picking up YOU as the least most popular. How dreadful!!!

    Sew what you want, I agree. I never took the tag line to mean that you sewed men's clothes but rather that you were a male blogger that sewed. And quite popular at that!

  31. I think we were separated at birth! I'm with you on the whole vacation thing. I do love to travel, but three days into it, I'm already counting the days to go home to my routine and of course sewing!!
    I had to laugh at your comment on the beach too, because that is me! My daughters would get so mad at me when we would go to Carmel by the Sea, in the summer,and I would make a million and one excuses why I didn't want to go for a walk on the beach.....too windy, all the sand, sunscreen etc.
    I was a vampire child, and didn't like the sun as a kid.Now as an adult, I constantly get compliments on how lovely my skin is. It is called not frying out in the sun folks!!

    I for one think you have a great balance in your blog. You have such good technical skills, that even if it is a woman's garment, you can still get something out of it. Also, you have covered most of the technical aspects of men's clothing. There is only so much you can do with men's wear. I think that is why I made only two boy's items for my etsy shop. I found myself uninspired.

    I sew what I want to sew, and not for what I think someone may want to see.

  32. Thanks, guys!

    DRAT, I DO come up on Google now as the "least popular mens sewing blog."

    I blame Debbie for this!! (I can just see her sitting there clicking, clicking, clicking...)

  33. Oh my gosh, you are too funny!

    Forget leopard print jockstraps, does a hooded sequined jumpsuit count as "men's sewing?" I'm still waiting to see that!

  34. My blog is mostly about my senior project for college (a fully sewn and marketed fashion line), but sometimes I just want to make something that I'll be able to wear right away, so I tend to veer away from my list of things I need to sew and make something quickly for me.


  35. I don't sew things specifically for my blog, but I do find myself thinking about what my readers might enjoy. Unfortunately I'm always out of season. For example, yesterday I finally posted about my Easter dress. I'm only 3 months behind now!

    Easter dress: McCall's 6759 from 1963

  36. I get nervous and antsy about time away from sewing and the Garment District, too. I've got a big hand sewing project lined up for my vacation in a few weeks to help me cope.

    OH, look! My blog DOES come with cookies (or at least the recipes) ha ha

  37. I can so relate about the vacation thing. I just came back from 10 days in Spain, and though I think I really needed to get away from all my projects, it was wrenching! Also about the beach: even though we were on the Mediterranean, the closest I got to hanging out on the beach was sitting at a seaside cafe (in the shade) drinking espresso and eating pimientos de padrones.

    I don't have a sewing blog because I only have so many hours in the day. Also, my photography skills are pretty bad (as well as my sewing skills, actually). But I love reading everyone else's, especially yours.

  38. Animal print thongs, please.

  39. I'm not good at vacations either. I can handle 3 or 4 days of downtime then I really need to do something creative or something that's "me." I get bored relatively easily unless I'm challenging myself.

    I adore Debbie's blog, but she really doesn't do menswear! I tend to think of your blog more as covering all the bases, so shirts and jeans are addressed as well as dresses and et cetera.

    I blog at but I rarely sew things just for the blog. What it does is give me an impetus to keep working on projects -- otherwise I might slack off!

  40. I understand the need for advice on menswear--the old classic division between seamstresses and tailors is still in effect, and there just aren't many home sewers doing it. Now that I'm getting more confident in my skills, I'd like to try some tailored shirts or vests for my masculine-of-center partner--there's not a lot of RTW available that fits her body. I appreciate all the tips and advice you've collected here! What would you recommend for a first menswear project? I draft my own patterns, so I'm not worried about adapting commercial patterns meant for male bodies. I do want to make sure that I use the right techniques to get the look of menswear rather than man-tailored women's clothing.

    Recently I've been tackling sleeves, designing dresses, and accumulating various lists at !

  41. I love the beach and holiday breaks, but often take my knitting with me so I'm not completely without a creative outlet.

    I love your blog - both the women's and men's clothing - and think you have a fantastic writing style. OK, I nod off a bit when you get technical about your vintage machines, but I actually do love how much you love them.

    And you are so welcome to visit my blog and/or London, where I will certainly provide coffee and biscuits (which is what they call cookies here; they don't really do savoury biscuits like you get in the US)

  42. Hi Peter, in my opinion, you should sew what you want and blog about what you want. The only times I think a blog should cater to its audience is if the blogger is running a business and their audience is their intended customers. I think when when you write and blog for yourself, but keep your audience in mind, then your enthusiasm will carry your audience into your world. They'll then want what you want. Anyway, I'm sorry that someone felt the need to criticize and not just quietly slip out of the room; but, I am very happy that you had a few days away. I'm looking forward to my vacation at the end of the summer. Until then, I seem to be sewing dresses...

  43. For those who care, here's a fascinating (or frightening, depending on your viewpoint) talk by Eli Pariser about what comes up on your (filtered) Google searches:
    The essence is that Johnny is going to get a different result from a Google search than Mary, or Daniel, or Susan will get, because Google decides what you are most likely to be interested in. Google algorithms rule our information highway.

    Serious carp aside, I'm the one who gets to decide that I get to read your posts! You always make me laugh, or at least smile :)

  44. So happy to see you back and rested from your vacation. The pictures were great. Love those dogs!!!

    I have to say I have a sour stomach this afternoon and almost gagged when I saw the photo of the man in the animal print speedo. UGH!!!

    Hmmmm....I have been trying to sew a hem on a certain dress.

  45. I don't understand why people complain when they unsubscribe? It always sounds a little like a children's tantrum - i'm packng up my ball and bat and going! You can't please everyone. If you change for one person you might lose others who think differently. Just sew and write what you please and people will be drawn to your joy in being yourself.

    I'm sewing an old vogue couturier pattern right now for a competition. An A- line dress made up of triangles meeting in a point centre front. Lots of fun, but slow going because my household have come down with swine flu which is doing the rounds of Oz at the moment.

  46. I must admit it took a bit of reading old posts to discover Cathy's true identity. But thank God I've found someone out there who gets a boner over boning! You've inspired me to tackle, say a men's shirt (I doubt I'll ever try the jeans, but God bless you)and come out of my 18th century Regency closet!

  47. I must admit, I am a total 180 of you on the beach. I love it; sand, sunscreen, man eating sharks, and all! I am quite excited to see the finished strapless dress for Cathy!

    As for blogging, I don't feel pressured to sew what my readers want, but I can't say I have any demanding blog readers either. I do sometimes feel bad though if I post about a project that never comes to fruition. Personally, I enjoy the posts on women's sewing, as that is all I sew.

    I'd love it if you came over to my blog, but since it's currently 90 degrees outside I won't be offering any coffee. However, to ensure my southern hospitality, I will offer you a glass of sweet tea.

  48. This is so far down, nobody is going to read it. But I'll post anyway...

    When I started my sewing blog, "Refinista" it was because I have a clothing restriction. Even with said restriction, I wanted to show folks that you can still be fashionable yet restricted. So yes I sew for my blog.

  49. I wanted to learn how to sew after I saw this picture.

  50. I will admit that when I first heard about your blog I did think "WOW...a web site dedicated to only men who want to sew men's clothing..." It wasn't what I found at your blog, but I am not disappointed at all...I want to learn to sew for myself, but I also want to sew women's clothes as well. I would love to sew for my mom and sister-in-law who are always having trouble finding clothes that fit them well.

    Peter, I think you're great, and what you write about is thought provoking, and I enjoy seeing everything that you make... I'm a fan...and as someone said earlier...your blog is all about sewing and learning and that's what I'm doing, learning from you and Cathy... is about've chosen how you want to express yourself...and we've chosen to watch and listen.... I don't think that you need to do anything differently with your blog other than what YOU want to...self-expression isn't about pleasing's about pleasing ourselves....

  51. Peter,

    You demystify sewing techniques, and make couture elements accessible, and that is what makes you and your blog so incredible.

    Change and grow as you will, your loyal followers will readily read (and sew) along.

  52. Glad to hear your vacation was lovely. And now I finally know where Fire Island is...I always assumed you were vacationing somewhere in Japan, haha! I've been sewing the atrociously pink Fairy Princess Dress for Pinkalicious the musical with no time for sewing for myself :(
    I like all your projects, but of course, I find the actual men's clothing more interesting because you can't get that on almost any other blog.

  53. Funny. I thought you were in London. I grew up on Eastern Long Island so Davis Park and Smith's Point were my summer haunts. School would let out around the end of June and we'd all don our swim suits and flip flops and our mother's pretty much had no laundry for 10 weeks...

    But I was interested and went over to look at what you had in Guy Week. My husband's shape is really challenging for shirts. He's a big man, tall, and has perhaps aged away his lines and angles into all slopes. So I have pretty much been cutting out a basic shirt pattern and then pin it to him and cut, mark, and sew(basting) while he's wearing the fabric. Then I'll use that to make 3 or 4 shirts. But it just never looks right and I'm flummoxed by the whole of it. He isn't frumpy or fat. Just soft, I think. And I have been unable to make anything fit him well.

    I would love to see an article of how to sew for an older man with a relaxed approach to exercise.

  54. I'm sew glad you're back! Holidays can be so tiring - my GF wants to lie in the sun being fed peeled grapes, and I'd rather be carving up a mountain road on my motorcycle. The annual "what will we do this year?" negotiations are enough to bring on a migraine.

    I won't be blogging about my sewing exploits - there's barely time to sew, let alone write about it. I've already terrified my work colleagues with tales of sewing derring-do, and I can't see any value in inflicting that sort of anguish on the rest of the blogosphere. (note to self - when someone asks "What did you do on the weekend?", don't answer "I basted my underpants". All that gets you is a chat with the managing director and a fast-track to compulsory sensitivity training.)

    I find your approach to sewing inspirational, and I really don't care what you sew. Whether its a boned bodice or a mohair mankini, just make sure you take photos and describe the process, so I can understand the techniques. Keep doing what you do!

  55. Hey, Peter, welcome back. I've been missing my MPB fix. There's not much sewing going on here, but I've got lots of projects swirling around in my head. Cooler weather will be here before we know it, and that always makes me think about new clothes. Maybe we all carry that instinct from those dreaded "back to school" days. Anyway, I sew and blog about the clothes that I want. For me, sewing is all about the possibility. The journey from idea to completed garment is both challenging and its own reward. Hopefully my silly blog shows others that it's all possible.

  56. Pay no mind to that whiner. Petulant unsubscriber . . . he probably comes back surreptitiously to enjoy the many delights of MPB. That looks like a great vacation. I love the beach, love the water, the view, the air . . . living near it makes all things possible: sewing plus beach visit (after 4 p.m. please) in one day. So I agree that vacations with protracted enforced leisure can be tiresome for those who like to get busy. Plus I have departure anxiety when leaving for overnights away. As to sewing for my blog, easy answer -- abandoned blogging for the sake of other activities when I started a full time job. More sewing now than when blogging interfered. But I do enjoy a good sewing blog read, especially MPB!

  57. Sew what you want to. Didn't we just have that "sew what gives you joy" conversation?

  58. Oh, yeah. I forgot about that...

  59. Try for searches that don't "customize" for you...and I save your blog for last in my reader because it's the best.

  60. The key to a good beach experience is an umbrella. I LOVE the beach (born and raised in SoCal) but I do not tan. I burn, I peel, and then I'm white again, lather rinse repeat while adding wrinkles, freckles, and skin cancer. But under an umbrella...well, that's a whole different story. You get to enjoy the sun, sand, and water without any of the inconvenience.

    Welcome home!

  61. @Jessie from

    I love it that you will be sewing for your masculine of center partner. I've been sewing for myself and my partner for a couple of years (we are both butch women.) I make a lot of vests for work.

    Until this summer, I've been using mens's vest patterns and altering them to fit. I just drafted my 1st vest pattern. I've added a front fitting seam; similar to a princess seam, but about 1.5" closer to the sideseam, rather than over the nipple. This provides a smooth fit to the armhole, yet minimizes the bustline. I've been calling it a prince seam. I plan on adding more about sewing for butch bodies on my blog once I've created the tutorials.

    The only other technique I have quasi-perfected is shortening men's blazer sleeves. I say quasi, because I'm too lazy to maintain the placket, but make a mock placket or none at all.

    Please blog about sewing for your partner on your blog!

  62. I sew for myself, but maybe I should start sewing for the blog. That way I might sew more. :-/

    My blog is

  63. I have missed you!!!

    I have been a horrible blogger as of late...been a while since my last post, as a matter of fact that was 9 months ago and I have yet to finish posting about my Lady Grey project that was the SAL on Gertie's Blog. I finished the coat but blogging...well I have fallen short in a major way...YIKES!!!! Kind of lost my MOJO and am having problems finding it again :-P

    I truly enjoy your blog whether you are sewing Men's clothes or sewing for Miss Cathy Lane. It is all about the experience be it male or female I think you should sew what interests you and blog about the same. Let the nay-sayers "de-follow" you for there are many out there that do truly enjoy what it is that you are trying to share!

    You make me smile....and that is a wonderful gift!!!

    ;-) mimi
    My MOJOless Blog can be found here:


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