Dec 21, 2011

Leopard Pants Progress!

Readers, the pants are coming along.  For you jumpsuit fans -- what can I say?  Maybe next time.  I really don't wear jumpsuits, to be honest.  I don't jump much.

A few strange things about this fabric -- other than the wacky print -- worth mentioning.  The stretch is on the warp (i.e., parallel to the selvage) rather than the weft, so I cut the pants legs perpendicular to the selvage, rather than parallel.  Otherwise the pants would have stretched in length but not in width, which would have been funky, don't you think?  The only visible grain is the weft as well.

So far, it seems  to be working; we'll see what the result is like.

I made the pockets out of a vintage striped cotton I picked up at the flea market recently (along with the print fabric that became Michael's short-sleeve shirt).

Now, I must say that cut, this cherry leopard print looks much less overwhelming, and I'm starting to really like it, even if it was probably intended for a thirteen-year-old girl. 

Plus -- how's this for spooky coincidences? -- it just happens to go with my recently purchased (used on eBay) Allen Edmonds shoes!

I call the look Predator Preppy!  (Or does that sound too much like Anthony Perkins in Psycho?)

And speaking of preppy, would you spend $75 on this book?

I saw Hollywood and the Ivy Look in the window of a neighborhood bookstore and was intrigued, but I think I will be limiting myself to the book's blog.  I'm over expensive coffee table books.  I don't even have a coffee table. 

Friends, it is time for me to make my back pockets.  With luck, I will be able to finish these today. 

Honestly, do you think these pants are more predator preppy.... 

...or Cheetah Girls?

Happy sewing, everybody!


  1. i think the pants are more Eddie Van Halen than either of your suggestions: it scares me to say this! LOL

  2. Wow - $75 is a bargain - I just checked Abebooks and they have it listed for $110 and $200. Amazon does have one for $75 also. Love the shoes - the pants are growing on me.

  3. I like the pants. I have some ITY jersey that looks a lot like that in the queue ready to be sewn.

  4. I won't be able to tell whether they're predator preppy or cheetah girls until I see them on you. I suspect I'll like them very much.

  5. Happy Holidays to a inspiration!

  6. I'm not sure that either of these categories fit. I totally LOVE these pants and I think you should just assimilate them into your wardrobe and wear them with pride. You will look great in them. What will you wear on your top half? That will decide what category they go in, in my opinion.

  7. I think they'd look great with a black t shirt perhaps

    Great fabric

  8. The shoes are awesome

  9. print is fine but the color not so mine!

  10. You are such a fast worker! I'm so excited about these. They will be so cool :-)

  11. Even if you don't need a jumpsuit for jumping, in those pants (whether Cheetah or Predator) you could pounce!

  12. They're going to be great! I think they'll be "Perfectly Peter" in style. Happy Holidays to you and Michael!

  13. I'm going to covet those pants. Good thinking to have cut them on the cross grain, you'd have been really sad if you hadn't!
    Can't wait to see the finished outfit.
    I was looking for a book online yesterday: "Lyn Revson's World of Style," and used it was $1000!!!!!!! WWHHAATT?? I really wanted to read it. Wah!

  14. They're absolutely crazy! I love them!


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