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Apr 25, 2010

I've seen the future and there's no tulle

What does your fashion future hold and will you be carrying a big gun?

For at least a century it seems, predictions for tomorrow's fashion and the military uniform have been intertwined.  Why was it no one could imagine going into space without lots of weapons, and with a few more clothing options?  Wouldn't people get bored after a while?  It seems that, like much of the architecture of the modern period, less was more. Much less.

Go-go boots and bikini bottoms...

Cleavage (and guns) for the girls...

And jumpsuits for everyone else.

Asymmetrical necklines...

and metallics...

Lots of metallics.

Actually, I think Blade Runner got it best: Spandex and bad hair...

...with a dash of the Forties (or something).

Sadly, nobody's fat in the future.  Sorry, plus-size people, it's off to the glue factory for you!

I really like this princess-seamed outfit, but would some cute earrings or a little tennis bracelet be too much to ask?

Readers, I ask you: How do you see yourself dressing thirty years hence?  Would you like more jumpsuits in your wardrobe, more stretch velvet and lurex, less clangy accessories and no more handbags?

You might as well ditch your dresses now.  I've seen the future and it isn't frilly.

Or is it?

For your viewing pleasure....

Happy Sunday, everybody!


  1. Yech, I almost always dislike "futuristic fashions". You generally have to be really fit to look good in them, and unless everyone's super-fit in the future, I don't forsee it taking off (no pun intended, I swear). Still, they're fun to look at and giggle over. After all, I do enjoy my dad's old 1970s/80s sci-fi novels.
    By the way, I finally finished those Monday goals I came up with about 2 weeks ago about all those antebellum hats and they're finally up on my blog!

  2. Whatever I'll be wearing, it's going to have SOME stretch in it. Unless it's the petticoat.

    Hmmm . . . tulle over the stretch suit? Could be the new thing.

    Lisette, you apparently have patterns for sale on your blog, but there's no link to a store, and no contact information for you. How can I get to where I need to to buy it? (Yes, I want one -- sorry, Peter, I'm still thinking 1940s, not 2040s!)

  3. Well, I still have my pattern stash of 1980s Vogues....

  4. "futuristic" fashions always scream costume to me. In thirty years, I'll probably still be wearing jeans, t-shirts, and dresses... not together, but still.

  5. Ooooo, swish!

    I've always loved one decades interpretations of another's style - like all of those 50's and 60's movies of the sword and sandal ilk, or of the victorian age...think of Taylor in cleopatra - somehow, I doubt cleo was sportin' corsets under her diaphanous gowns...

    on the same hand, the 30's "vision" of the year 2000 fashions - they all still had a bit of a 30/40's feel to them, yes? or 60's visions of futuristic clothing, that all still seem to have a 60's appeal.

    How come no one ever predicted crotch dusters with a g-string showing??

  6. The part of the original Star Trek costume that always got me were the boots and the guy's pants with the little flippy thing at the bottom hem. The women were still in minis but the guys got some definitely weird stuff going on, though I don't recall seeing anyone who did not look pretty decent in it. On the other hand, the inhabitants of the 'new worlds' always got really weird costumes to wear, using fake fur, huge hair, etc.

  7. As long as low-rise everything isn't still in fashion, I'll be happy!

  8. Hey Pete! I've really enjoyed this posting... thanks! Ypu've made my day (Lol!)

  9. Aw crap, the thought of what I'll be wearing 30 years from now totally depresses me . . . especially considering how ancient I'll be at that point! I'm trying to think of someone who is now 85+ years old whose style I admire and can relate to and can't even come up with anyone!

  10. Oh god, burn the jumpsuits! Don't these people ever have to p**?

    Hated them as a kid, hate them now and pretty sure there'll be no love lost tomorrow.

  11. Not to worry: in the future we will all be catheterized.

  12. Great post, but have no ideas what we'll be wearing then. I do hope Star Trek becomes a reality though. I am a die hard fan!

  13. I want to know what invention it is that has made both pockets and any kind of toting accessory obsolete. Or, has The Future invented some sort of way of having pockets that are betrayed neither by their stealth entry nor by any bulk that would today give away their existence and whereabouts? Either way, it's going to be revolutionary! Inquiring minds want to know.


  14. Those coats in Cardin's 'futuristic' collection were gorgeous then, now, and in 30 years. I want one- but it's hard to choose just one! In thirty years I'll be 87, but I think I'd still look pretty good in that orange coat.

  15. I love that dress with the sleeves that zip off! Actually I loved almost all the clothes from the first reel, except for what our poor futuristic men would be wearing. Didn't it kind of look like chicken wire?

    In thirty years I will be 62. I hope that by then my wardrobe will mostly consist of dresses and skirts, frilly or not. There will be no jumpsuits in my closet, please. I hope I will resemble my grandmother, who always seemed so ladylike and put together. So in 2040, I want to look like a woman who dresses more like 1940. Funny :)

  16. Wow Peter - where do you find these videos? That first one was great - I love that viewers in 1930 had so much patience...a 25 second introduction????

    In 30 years I hope to be wearing dresses, so many dresses!

  17. In thirty years I will be 77 years old. I will probably make myself a nice housecoat. Maybe in metallic.

  18. What a fun post. Loved the videos. It's funny how many of those futuristic visions have come true: metallic fabrics, check; zippered clothing, check (mostly an 80's thing, though I zippers have been a prominent feature in the last few years); men with phones on their belts, check (sometimes more than one!); sheer fabrics for women (and men), check; jumpsuits, check (thanks "Lost"). I'm not a futuristic type girl, though. In another 30 years, I hope to be a silver haired granny wearing more Eileen Fisher-type clothing: drapey, eco-friendly, artsy-fartsy....things I don't think I can get away with right now.

  19. Actually, I have often dreamt that in the future we might have a style policed society where anyone who doesn't make the grade gets given 2 jumpsuits a season and is not allowed to wear anything else.
    These jumpsuits could be similar to painting overalls because at least they would look co-ordinated and decently covered.

    Hopefully I make the grade and I am going to wear more hats.


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